Features to Consider When Buying a Bone Saw Machine

A bone saw is a type of a machine solely designed for chopping feezing bones and meat into smaller parts. The machine can be effectively used in food processing factories, restaurants, hotels and butcheries.

Since the introductions of bone saws, meat cutting and bone cutting task in the significant industries has become easier and faster.

The machine has been routinelyused in all parts of the world. People have ventured into purchasing the machine to enable their meatselling businesses for your meatenterprise; a bone saw isthe most useful toolyou can use for your meat business. There are many types of these machines with a number of features that one should research beforebuying. These featuresare discussed below;

 The size of the machine

These machines are of different sizes. They are made in such a way that each model and type is designed for various cutting needs. The models used for chopping large pieces of meat and bones are highly expensive. If your target is the big pieces of meat and bones, consider buying the big machine. If you need the machine for home kitchen use only, you can consider buying the smaller machine.

The power of the machine.

The size of the machine determines its power. Bigger machines a designedwith powerful engines that make them more marketable. This featurehas made the machine’s price go higher due to the fact that the machine is able to accommodate many tasks that are exposed to.

Availability of space

Before buying a bone saw machine, consider the space you have in your kitchen or butcher. You do not want to buy a machine only to realize that you do not have enough space for it. Ifyou are in place to store the big machine, gofor it. If not, go or the smaller machine.

Electric or manual

There are manual machines in the market. Manual cutting is doable but have a significant number of disadvantages. It uses a lot of manpower and takes a lot of time to accomplish a task. This makes the machine so involving since there are a lot of tasks involved to make it work.

Fortunately, there is the invention of the electric machine that has made work easier and fulfilling.

Specifications of bone saws

It is important to consider whether the machine has the right specs. The machine is formed of chrome steel material. When Proper care and handling is given to it, it does not rust. the machine uses 1100w of power; the voltage of the machine ranges from 220v o 240v while the measurement of the saw are 50 by 50 by 90 cm. the weight  of the saw ranges between 30kg to 50 kg.


Given the above features, you are in a position to decide the kind of machine you need. Do not overlook any of the machines features as it may cost you a lot of your precious time and money.Its merits outweigh the demerits of using meet cutting tools, local knives and even pangas.

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