Factors Determining Cost of a Water Pump

Water pumps have become essential in Kenya today, this is due to improvement in technology and people trying to manage the usage of water in their homes and in industries.  Making work easier and improvement in agricultural sector which largely use the water pumps in their farms. In this article I will concentrate on essentials that determine the cost of a water pump.

Currently water pumps are widely used in many fields such as education centers, hospitals, jails and many others. they are used to pump hot or cold water either from a pool, a borehole, from a large tank to a smaller tank and many more. They make work easier by supplying water to different parts of an institution for usage. This makes work easier. However, there are major factors to consider while acquiring a water pump which includes the following;

The rate at which water is pumped

Water flow rate is basically the time a pump takes to pump a certain amount of water, which means there is a certain number of litres pumped by different water pumps based either on the size or the power used by the pump. Different usage will require different pumping rate. For instance, if the pump is required for a large firm, a pump that pumps faster is required to that for domestic use. A customer should be aware of such features.

Durability or quality of the pump

You don’t want to go to the shop any time soon after buying a water pump. Always have an idea of what brand is best to get your product. A good and quality pump can be shown by the engine it uses. Compare all the available brands in different industries that offer such products. Davis and Shirtliff water pumps prices Kenya should be your choice in choosing a brand.

Energy consumption

Pumps use different sources of energy; some use solar energy and some use electric energy. Solar energy pumps are suitable for remote areas where electricity is a challenge. For areas with electric power, there is a choice on what to use due to the economic budget. An electric pump in most cases should be a bit more expensive compared to a solar pump. You should purchase that which is within your budget and also that can effectively meet your needs.

The size of the inlet pipe

The amount of water taken in will depend on the diameter of the inlet pipe. The pipe should be large enough to allow a large intake of water to be able to pump the amount needed. A very small diameter will not allow a reasonable intake of water amount since the pressure will not be enough. A large inlet should serve you well and will cost more compared to a small one.


When looking forward to buying a good water pump to serve your purpose efficiently and effectively, always ensure that you research the above factors to avoid disappointments. Do a survey to get the best quality that will be within your budget since there are many brands with different features.

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