What You Need to Know About Maize Sheller Machines popular in Kenya

In the current world with advanced technology, it is awkward to ignore the simplicity that is accompanied bythe mechanization of the farm. Using post-production methodologies and innovative products is a suitable strategy for increasing the quality and quantity of farm produce, starting with adopting an appropriate maize sheller machine.

Reducing losses (post-harvest) for small-scale farmers within Kenya should be upheld accordingly. Maize shellers refer to machinery pieces for shelling maize kernels from their cobs. Various farmers prioritize maize shellers reduced expenditure of human energy and efficient operation. Below are the details of the maize sheller machine in Kenya.

Maize Shellers Price

Agribusiness, having proper technical skills and machinery, is an appropriate business within Kenya. Evaluating the proper sunk expenses in your particular farm should be prioritized whenever you are ensuring that your investment return is positively realized. You should look for the proper price of a certain maize sheller machine before purchasing it.

Portability of Maize Sheller Machine

Portability is an essential feature to consider when evaluating maize sheller machine price in kenya. Even though farmers need highly improvised machinery in easing their work, the easier its movement and operation, the more effective it is.Additionally, portability of this machine is one of reasons why it is highly demanded by various farmers in Kenya.

Efficiency of the Machine

The operation of the machine is simple and easy: electric motor or petrol engine power is transferred to the shaft drum through the belt and pulley connection, therefore facilitating the process of shelling. Thus, the generator-driven or electric model is an outstanding idea for any maize sheller machine.

Working of the Maize Sheller Machine

Machine shellers work by the principle of separating the grain from a given maize kernel. Maize grain enters the sheller through its inlet. While inside, the maize is effected highly efficient motor (rotating) to complete the separation process. The maize cobs are then carried away from the unused end of the machine.

The maize cob proceeds toward the sheller’s end from the side of feeding, while this process goes on, grains find their way via the concave after being acted against drum. The process repeats as the machine sheller is closely monitor to ensure that it is safe and efficient for use. Any failure detected should be dealt with immediately.

Essentials of Maize Shelling

Maize shelling refers to post-harvesting or post-production separating the cob and grain. This separation is facilitated by petrol-driven or electric equipment; all have disadvantages and advantages to the farmer. Maize sheller machines are highly used farm machinery within Kenya because it eases the process of maize post-harvesting.


Information above on maize sheller machine in Kenya is realistic; therefore you should have them in mind when determining the price of the machine to end up with a genuine one. Any farmer planning to own a certain maize shelling machine will find this article valuable and apply it accordingly as well.

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