Felgo vs. Flutter vs. React Native: An in-Depth Comparison

Nowadays, Mobile has become an inseparable part of one’s life. And one of the reasons for such a situation is that now everything and anything can be done on the phone through the respective applications. 

Today, there are multiple mobile applications for single work but all of them are not user friendly. Now, the primary reason which makes the applications different from each other is the framework on which it is developed.

Mobile Application: History

Mobile application refers to a software application which is designed specially to run on the smartphones, tablets, computers, or some other digital devices. It has got a grand history in a short period of time as it evolves very rapidly. Tools required to develop the application are mentioned below:

1)The Software Development Toolkit (SDK)

– It refers to the set of software tools and programs provided by the vendors of hardware and software so that the developers can easily develop the applications as per their requirement for the specific platforms.

– For example, in 2008 Apple iOS SDK was released based on Objective C and in 2009, Google released the Android SDK based on JavaScript. Also, VMware SDK is used to enable functionality with the VMware platform, Nordic SDK is used to build Bluetooth enabled or wireless apps.

2)Web View

It refers to an embeddable browser which displays the web content by using the native application. It includes two basic words:

Native Application – It is the one written in the UI framework and language designed to use in a specific platform, thus it is not a cross platform web app that is written in a system friendly language like JAVA, C++ etc.

Embeddable Browser– Browser is used to surf the internet on the device. It includes UI (which refers to address bar) and engine (which turns code and markup into the pixels visible to us)

3)Reactive Views

It is a Javascript based and composed model framework for all the .NET platforms. 

Synopsis of Felgo, Flutter and React Native:


Felgo is an SDK which is cross platform based and is used for rapid, native app and development of games.

-One of the biggest advantages is that it saves a lot of time and is easy to learn as compared to other SDKs. Here one can write less code which means fewer bugs and faster launch of the updates, and a single code can be used as a base for all the platforms.

-Felgo, a reactive language can be learned in a few days by the web developers because of its Javascript support extended with QML.

-Flutter was launched by Google in 2015 but it remained in Beta stage until its official launch in December 2018.

-It is an open-source SDK through which native looking Android and iOS applications can be developed with a single codebase by hire flutter developers india. We have already used Flutter Apps unknowingly like shopping from Alibaba, used any digital coupon or ran an ad on Google Ads.

– Flutter follows reactive development architecture which automatically updates the UI content when the variables in the code are updated.

– But one of the constraints here is that it uses the bridge of JavaScript to access OEM widgets due to which there are some performance issues. To sort out the same one should hire Flutter App Developers India.

It was developed by Facebook in 2015 and is driven by the JavaScript engine.  With the help of React Native, two platforms can be maintained by a team which share a common technology-React.

React Native App Development Company provides core platform sceptic native components like View, Text and Image which directly maps to native UI building blocks of the platform.

-Save, See, Repeat- One can see the changes as soon as they are saved, and one does not have to wait while closing for Native Apps.

-React Native is widely being used in such apps like Pinterest, Uber Eats, Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Flipkart etc.


Below mentioned are the factors of comparison:

1) Programming Language

FLEGO- It uses QML which is a scripting language to combine C++ and JavaScript, to develop cross platform apps.

FLUTTER- It uses Dart, which is Java’s extension and supports both weak and strong styles of typing.

REACT NATIVE- It uses JavaScript, a very common and dynamic language. It is easy to learn and implement.

2) Tools for Development

FLEGO- It is a complete development Tool Kit which includes fully featured IDE, Live Reloading which helps to visualize the changes immediately and Cloud Builds which eases deployment from the archive.

FLUTTER- It develops the apps inside Visual Studio code and Android Studio. Hot Reload like excellent plugins are also available here.

REACT NATIVE- It uses Visual Studio Code or which are the text editors available. The tool support here is not as developed and integrated as others.

3) Platforms Supported

FLEGO- As like others it supports iOS & Android and additionally also supports Desktop platforms like Mac OS, Linux, Windows. It also supports embedded and IoT systems along with multimedia devices.

FLUTTER- It supports Android, iOS and Web applications with different components.

REACT NATIVE- Although it targets iOS and Android devices, one can share part of application code with the Web.

4) Compiled Code And Performance Of The App

FLEGO- As it uses custom UI rendering, the interaction between native layer and run time environment is reduced. Thus, Apps run smoothly and quicker than others.

FLUTTER- Dart uses Java Virtual Machine and Ahead-Of-time (AOT) compilation. 

REACT NATIVE- It uses a fast JavaScript compiler to communicate with native realm and falls back to interpreting when it becomes impossible.

5) Update Release Cycle

FLEGO- 1-2 updates in one month.

FLUTTER- Frequent updates and backward compatibility break down.

REACT NATIVE- 6-10 updates in one year.

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