Five Best Coworking Spaces in Tokyo

There are many coworking spaces in Tokyo. The working environment varies depending on the location, such as monthly usage, drop-in, free use OK, private rooms, and fashionable cafes. A coworking space is a “Coworking place (Space). It has been using by many people who are not tied to a place to work, such as nomad workers, sole proprietors, office workers who work telework or work from home. There are many places where interaction with other users is active, and it is attractive that you know what you did not know and new ideas are born through conversation. The community in the coworking space can lead to new business. If you try to find more details about the best coworking spaces in Tokyo, please see the following article.

How is it different from shared offices and dental offices?

Facilities similar to coworking spaces include shared offices and rental offices.

  • Coworking space:

 A collaborative workplace. It tends to be used by freelancers, teleworkers, and nomad workers.

  • Shared office: 

The actual situation is almost the same as a coworking space, but in many cases, registration is possible, and straightforward private arranging rooms. It tends to be used by venture companies that have just been founding.

  • Rental office:

Space where private rooms are secured while sharing what is necessary for business with other people. A dedicated and solid private room is providing in many cases, and the room can be locked. The impression is even stronger than in a shared office.

And work Shibuya

“Fashionable space with English in the hotel.” 

“Andwork Shibuya” is a coworking space attached to the hotel “The Millennials Shibuya” for foreigners. The hotel lobby is using as a workplace, and non-hotel guests can use it from 6:30 AM until 1:00 AM. Since more than half of the coworking spaces are foreigners, English is spoken around, recommended for those who want to interact through coworking space and those who want to work in a different environment than usual.

Connecting the Dots

“Active and sensitive creator community.”

A fashionable coworking space is adjacent to the Apple Store in Shibuya. There are many creative jobs such as designers, illustrators, photographers, and web engineers. In addition to Shibuya, there are bases in Yoyogi and Chichibu, so please use places that are easily accessible.


“Coworking space with the theme of Japanese and Scandinavian.”

Coworking space “COHSA SHIBUYA” is located between Shibuya and Omotesando. The entrance covers curtains that give a modern Japanese impression, but the interior is designing with colorful colors typical of Scandinavia. The menus of the cafes and kitchen cars attached are all of high quality—suggested for those who desire to like a fashionable space and eating and drinking.


“A coworking space where you can relax and work in a calm space.”

“GOODWORK” is a coworking space that opened in Yoyogi-Uehara in March 2018. Asahi Homes is planning and operating. The workplace on the second floor has a standard desk, sofa seats, and space for meetings so that you can relax and work. Besides, there is a wooden deck with wooden tables and chairs on the roof, a convenient area when you are tired or want to take a break.

Co-ba Shibuya

“Shibuya membership coworking space.”

A membership-based coworking space has operated by Tsukuruba Inc. It is a place where many creative professionals such as young entrepreneurs, web designers, and engineers gather. There are 15 co-ba bases nationwide, and you can use co-ba nationwide by registering as a member, except for the Night & Weekend Plan. It is ample and fashionable-working space.


This time, we introduced the best coworking spaces in Tokyo in a ranking format. Please choose an easy-to-use coworking space according to the type of business and the scene you use.

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