Five Technology Trends In 2022 That Are Changing Everything

Five Major Tech Trends That Are Giving The World A Glimpse Into The Future

Technology has always been a hugely important aspect of human life and existence. It has gradually brought us away from our primitive past, and enabled ever greater heights of sophistication, creativity, and convenience. Where is it all headed though? What’s next? These are questions that many would like to know.

Predicting the future can be tricky, though many experts and analysts believe the following trends to be clear indicators of what is to come.

AI & Machine Learning

For most computer scientists and engineers, “Artificial Intelligence” is both less dramatic than the sci-fi and pop culture depictions of robotic masterminds and overlords, and many ways, just as incredible. The general hope and aim for AI, and “machine learning”, however, is to become humanity’s greatest tool. To boost and augment everything that we already have and become indispensable for furthering our technological evolution.

AI technology is predicted to generate millions of jobs and an ever-growing percentage of GDP in coming years, as AI-aided products and industries take prominence.

The Rise Of Robots

Another common sci-fi theme swiftly becoming reality is the rise of robots and “automation” in society. RPA, Robotic Process Automation, refers to the overall trend. It includes any repetitive or menial task that humans were once required to do, that are now performed by an automated system or robot of some kind. This can extend from the production lines in manufacturing, to data processors, to the digital “bots” used over the internet. RPA will likely go hand-in-hand with AI and will create many new types of jobs and career opportunities.

The Internet Of Things

Linked closely to all of the above is what is commonly called IoT, Internet of Things. This refers to the accumulated network of gadgets and devices that make up the whole of the technologies we use today, many of which function interdependently. By 2030, fifty billion IoT devices are predicted to be in use around the world, in turn calling for a vast improvement in power-supplies and batteries.

5G & Beyond

While new methods of distributing the internet, such as fibre, have vastly improved speeds and connectivity in recent years, it is the wireless signals that have proved to be most popular and practical around the world.

Enabling mobile devices, and providing ever faster and more reliable internet, at relatively small expense in infrastructure, the 5G signal will likely dominate mobile networks for the next decade. Eventually it could make way to 6G, and so on.

Cyber Security & Blockchain

With high levels of cyber security constantly needed everywhere from banking sites to rush casino, “blockchain” has become an ever more widely implemented technology for both the security of information, and monetary transactions. It will likely become a new standard throughout government, commercial, and public sectors in the near future.


Many technologies and trends are inter-linked, each playing their part in create new infrastructure and building on older technology to enable better and more efficient systems. New doors are constantly also being opened though, leading to newer and better solutions. In the end, only time will truly tell what the future will bring.

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