Forensic Consultant and Lawyer investigators

Large offices have specialists to do fact-finding in affairs. With these internal investigations, they relieve the authorities of work, in the hope of a milder sanction for the client. Should there be special rules for this type of research?
Until about ten years ago, forensic accountants, mainly from the Big Four firms, had patents on complex fact-finding investigations. Now they limit themselves more to the financial facts. They often do this under the direction of a lawyer – sometimes in the role of receiver – who investigates the facts himself.
“The sport is shifting from accountants to lawyers,” says Robert of Ivy Corporate Defense & Investigations. This small law firm is currently conducting a major investigation at a housing association where there are suspicions of irregularities and fraud. ‘That investigation is carried out by forensic consultant and accountants and we read and think along almost every day. We have to validate the researchers ‘reports and therefore assess whether the research has been done properly,’ ‘We then translate the facts established by the accountants into legal reality.’
There is reason for the aforementioned shift. The trend that has blown over from the Anglo-Saxon world to clean up the house as a company when you end up in heavy weather. For example, a whistleblower reports that there has been fraud or corruption and the board of directors or supervisory board wants to know what is true. Or a regulator has discovered something, so that the company wants to do everything it can to limit the financial and advertising damage. For example, Ahold – the company – at the time opted to give the American stock exchange regulator a mild vote by putting things in order internally after the accounting fraud at US Food Service had come to light.


After a short conversation with information about the procedures, you will be put through to a forensic engineer specialist. He will ask you a number of specific research questions in order to be able to draw up a good research plan before the start of the research.

Following is a preliminary investigation in which the procedures to be followed are determined and points are set out for conducting the investigation.
The client is personally advised on the possibilities and requirements for the concrete execution of a good investigation and the expected results.

Stellar Forensics ensures that the research is conducted in such a way that the conclusions that Stellar Forensics draws from the research are correct and leave no room for other interpretations.

Stellar Forensics ensures that the descriptions of the observations and conclusions are extensive and written in a way that is also understandable to a layman.

Every case is treated confidentially and all original media, documents and data are carefully kept in one of our secure vaults.

The researchers are able to also conduct research into:

  • Business espionage
  • Email exchanges
  • Information leakage
  • Working time on the Internet
  • Breaking into network systems, also called hacking.
  • Unauthorized copying, printing and / or deletion of files from and to servers and (mobile) computers

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