Freedom Mobile Detailing Offers Protective Coatings Service

If you’re looking for a mobile marine detailing company that offers protecting coatings for your vessel, Freedom Mobile Detailing is the company for you. Whether you have a fiberglass boat or a steel yacht, you can trust their experienced technicians to apply protective coatings properly and efficiently.

Freedom Mobile Detailing

If you want to protect your vehicle from damage caused by harmful UV rays, you need a professional ceramic coating service. Freedom Mobile Detailing has been South Dakota’s Number 1 ceramic coating specialist for more than six years, and we offer an amazing warranty on our work. We also offer free estimates and will gladly help you with the entire process.┬áCeramic coating is the next level of protection for your vehicle. This type of coating is extremely hard-wearing and will keep your car looking like new for years to come. It provides the ultimate level of protection for all types of paint, plastics, rubber, and vinyl.

Another great benefit of ceramic coatings is that they are very high-gloss and extremely hydrophobic. This means that liquids repel from the surface of the paint and act more like a self-cleaning surface. Ceramic coatings will protect your vehicle from the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental elements.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a fantastic way to protect your car from the elements. They can also protect your interior, preventing costly car washes. They can also be applied to your windshield, preventing it from becoming cloudy despite several washings. For an added layer of protection, you can even have them applied to your headlights.

A ceramic coating can be applied to your car by yourself or by a professional detailer. It is a durable coating that shields your vehicle from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as moisture and pollution from the environment. It can be a cost-effective DIY project, especially if you park your car outdoors.

The price of a DIY ceramic coating kit varies, ranging from $100 to $140 for small vehicles to $150 for large vehicles. The price depends on the brand and the amount of prep work required to apply the coating. However, it is worth the price if you are willing to do the work yourself. A single application of a commercial-grade ceramic coating will last for several years. This is because a quality ceramic coating forms a permanent clear coating that can be removed only through abrasion.

If you want a durable coating that lasts for many years, opt for a premium package. Premium packages feature four layers of pro ceramic coating and a premium top-coat. The price varies depending on the size of your vehicle and the prep work needed. Full-size pickup trucks require a more extensive process than smaller vehicles. For example, a new truck will need up to 20 hours of ceramic coating. Minor paint correction may take only a few hours. But a neglected truck will require a lot more time and compounding.

Professional-grade ceramic coatings are more expensive than consumer-grade ceramic paint sealants, but they’re a superior option for car protection. They’re more durable, shiny, and longer-lasting than sealants. Professional-grade coatings require the use of professional prep products, such as cleaners, polishers, and pads. These products can cost a couple hundred dollars. However, they do come with risks, including the potential to damage your car.

It provides mobile auto detailing services

When it comes to ensuring your vehicle’s paint and body are in the best condition, you’ll want to make sure you wash it regularly. This is because the pollutants in the air are slowly eating away at your car’s clear coat and paint. A mobile car wash auto detailing service can help you remove this dirt and give your vehicle an incredibly shiny exterior. These companies use the highest quality cleaning products available to achieve this result.


Starting a mobile detailing business is a lucrative way to earn money, but only if you can attract enough customers to offset the cost of expensive equipment. Although it won’t be profitable right away, it may grow over time as you build a clientele and develop a marketing strategy. In some cities, you may even need to obtain a business license. You can find out if this is required in your area by contacting a SCORE mentor.

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