Glamping Domes – Money making business opportunity

Find out how to start your own profitable glamping resort business at low cost.

What is glamping?

Glamping is a mix of two words ‘glamorous and camping’, otherwise, ‘glamorous’ or ‘luxury camping’. It is a form of luxurious camping for people who want to experience a touch of luxury and all the amenities of home without all the hassles involved in traditional camping.

The glamping market is booming

Glamping has revolutionized the camping-travel industry and has become one of the  fastest growing niche market businesses available.

Business Wire’s June 2021 report  states that “The Global Glamping Market size is expected to reach $3.9 billion by 2027, rising at a market growth of 17.5% CAGR during the forecast period.” Following the post Covid-19 recovery  a further surge in demand for glamping is expected with growing interest from Gen X and millennials.

Glamping resorts are traditionally located in beautiful nature areas – in the mountains, by the seaside or a nature reserve. Glamping accommodations include cabins, pods, yurts and tree houses among others. This report focuses on Glamping Dome Tents.

What is the advantage of Glamping Dome Tents?

In comparison to alternative choices, glamping dome tents demand top rental prices which means larger return on investment. People love the cool, futuristic look of glamping dome tents which makes them an ideal choice as a travel destination – which means more bookings.

HQ Glamping Dome Tents

We are not referring to simple pop up geodesic tents but HQ glamping dome built for year round use and made to last for years. The domes can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or rain and are even earthquake resistant and suitable for any climate.

These roomy glamping dome tents are 4m high with a full 50 sqm floor space and come fully equipped with a HVAC and utilities system, a loft, australia glamping, a large panoramic window and weatherproof door.

Ready to use

Furnishings include thick, insulated wood flooring set on a ballasted, galvanized steel framework or alternatively, the domes can be easily set up on a deck. Besides furnishings, they come with a luxurious bathroom module, a mezzanine loft with bed for two persons, a  fully equipped kitchen module and bedroom module with comfortable fold-out couch.

The domes, including the cover can be customized to suit any theme and are often expanded by luxurious additions such as a pool, sauna or hot tub. They come completely ready to plug in to utilities on grid or off.

Who is this business for?

This is an ideal choice for land owners of property in a touristic area. It also is an effortless way to expand an existing hotel, campground or restaurant to generate an extra stream of income. The domes are especially suited for eco-style nature resorts and often used for yoga and wellness retreats.

Access roads and utilities are a big plus. Experience in the hospitality industry is a help.

What is the cost to get started?

If you already own the property in an attractive area startup costs can be minimal. Polidomes International offers long term lease/rental and service of these beautiful glamping  domes so landowners can get their own glamping business started quickly for next to nothing. Polidomes also provides worldwide delivery and assembly.

Contact their friendly staff today to find out how they can help you get your own glamping business started!

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