Trade nation review- An unbiased analysis 

More commonly known as the forex trade, foreign exchange trade is well known for its high-profit generation. Not only this, but it is a 24-hour market that is also included among the world’s highest liquidity markets. 

Nevertheless, getting registered with one of the regulated forex brokerage houses is the only limitation this market has. Now, trade nation is a firm known as a credible and well-reputed company in forex trade. Moreover, the firm claims to benefit its customers with various premium services. 

 But how many of these claims are true?  Or does national trade worth your trust or not? Well! In this trade nation review, you will get answers to all of your queries, including the questions above. remember, it  is entirely unbiased, so  let us start

A complete and honest Trade nation review


Trade nation came into existence in 2014, under the brand name “Core Spreads,” which was eventually changed to “Trade Nation” in 2019. The firm has its roots in UK, Australia, South Africa, and the Bahamas. 

Trade nation has stated that its main objective is to make online forex trading more accessible, enjoyable and profitable.  The organization enables traders from all across the globe to get collaborated with themselves and enjoy services.

Pros and cons of trade nation 



One best part of the trade nation is its leverage tool. Wait, you don’t know much about leverage? No worries, we have got you back here. So, leverage in forex trading is a tool that enables you to trade with a relatively higher amount than that you have In your live trading account. This tool is great for maximizing your profit generation.

The maximum leverage rate at trade nation is 1:200, which is slightly higher than its competitor firms.


Legitimacy is something that aids in minimizing the risk of scams. And trade nation has got its license from legal authorities such as FSCA (Financial Sector and Conduct Authority), FCA( Financial Conduct Authority), and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).  Thus, one can consider trade nation completely safe to trade with

Account types

Trade nation has a decent variety of account types: Individual, Professional, and Corporate account, thus one can choose according to their convenience. 

Deposit and withdrawal fees

The firm observes no specific minimum deposit amount and any charges on  deposit and withdrawal. However, the minimum withdrawal amount Is 50$


Along with the merits, the company has some demerits as well, which are listed as under

  1. Offshore entity
  2. International affairs are catered through an offshore entity
  3. The trading condition may observe the change according to regulations
  4. Possesses high commission forex fees as compared to other forex brokerage houses


In a nutshell, trade nation is a famous trading firm. It offers a good variety of trading account along with a handsome leverage rate. The firm is also known as one of the efficient organizations in terms of forex trade. 

Nevertheless, it also observes some demerits which we have listed in the trade nation review above. So please read it carefully and decide accordingly. 

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