Guide on EV travel case 2022

Those contemplating purchasing their first electric vehicle are given information on electric car charging.

Electric car future

Over the last ten years, the use of electric cars for transportation has increased significantly, and neither trend shows any indications of abating.

The era of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars is coming to an end, regardless matter how you measure it—EV sales, evs on the road, government EV regulations, evs as a proportion of total vehicle sales, or just automotive manufacturers making electric mobility commitments.

Are electric vehicles worthwhile?

Advantages of electric vehicles

However, evs offer us as drivers much more than just the potential to lessen our carbon impact.

Improved performance, increased cost savings, and a reduced carbon impact

One benefit of driving an electric car is its greater handling and fast torque (thanks to a low center of gravity). And let’s face it, you can grow acclimated to the ease of charging wherever you park more quickly than you can with a typical charging session. The maintenance costs for evs are also much lower than for traditional ICE cars.

(Potential) new EV drivers have a lot of unanswered inquiries concerning EV charging.

Driving an EV, or more precisely charging one, is an entirely different experience for individuals who are thinking about getting their first electric car or for those who have already purchased one.

To help you feel more comfortable making the move to electric mobility, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions concerning EV charging on this page.

Why is the vocabulary so difficult when describing the charging of electric vehicles?

The language used in the EV charging sector is dispersed, inconsistent, and continuously evolving. There are many terms that are interchangeable, including terms for different charging levels, cable modes, plug types (which vary depending on where you are), different flows of charge (AC or DC), various battery capacities, estimated actual range, distance to empty, the power output of charging stations, various charging speeds, and a variety of other things.

How quickly is rapid charging, for instance? What is ultra-fast charging, or even quick charging?

Where to find electric vehicle charging

Where to find EV charging

Generally speaking, there are possible charging locations everywhere you can park your vehicle. You can thus assume that the locations where you can charge your vehicle are as varied as the electric car types that are now on the market.

The need for a proper charging infrastructure network has never been greater as the globe transitions to electric transportation. As a result, regulations and incentives for the installation of charging stations are being developed by governments and towns throughout the world, and an increasing number of companies are entering this new industry.

In order to keep up with the rapidly expanding use of electric cars throughout the globe, the number of publicly accessible charging stations is gradually rising and will do so in the future.

There will be charging stations everywhere in the future as they become more prevalent street features throughout the globe, but where are the five most sought-after locations to charge your vehicle right now?

The five most well-liked spots for automobile charging

These are the five most well-liked locations to charge an electric vehicle, according to our Mobility Monitor research, which was based on interviews with thousands of EV drivers (and prospective EV drivers) around Europe:

  1. Home charging for electric vehicles

Comparing different charging places, home charging is the most preferred option with a 64 percent share. Not surprisingly, given that charging at home gives electric car owners the convenience of waking up to a fully charged car every day and ensuring they pay only for the power they really use when compared to the cost of electricity for their home.

  1. Using an electric vehicle at work

34 percent of existing ev charger owners charge their vehicles on a daily basis at work, and many more have said that they would love to be able to do so. After all, who wouldn’t? I mean, it seems very easy to drive to work, concentrate on your job during normal business hours, and then drive home once the day is through.

Therefore, an increasing number of offices are beginning to install EV charging stations as part of environmental initiatives, and employee engagement plans, and to appease their EV-driving guests and partners.

  1. Public charging infrastructure

Because cities and local governments are spending so much money on the infrastructure for charging, more public charging stations are appearing every day. Currently, 31% of EV drivers happily utilize them, and there are 7.5 evs for every public charging station, which is excellent. But as EV sales increase, more public charging stations will become accessible in our cities.

  1. EV charging in convenience stores

It sounds wonderful to charge at home or at work, but what if you need a fast top-up while traveling? Fast charging, sometimes referred to as level 3 or DC charging, is now being offered by a growing number of gas stations and convenience stores.

There are now 29% of Besen EV charger that often charge their vehicles. Additionally, although charging at home or at work is handy since it allows you to multitask, it might take hours for the battery to fully recharge. Fast charging stations, on the other hand, allow you to recharge your battery far more quickly—in minutes rather than hours—and get back on the road right away.

  1. Stores with charging stations for electric vehicles

When the option is available, 26% of EV drivers prefer to charge their vehicles in supermarkets, while 22% choose department shops or shopping centers. Imagine the ease of leaving your car with more charge than you left it while you watch a movie, have supper, meet a friend for coffee, or even go grocery shopping.

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