Guide to Buying the Best Sand in Nairobi

Buying sand is a difficult task. You should know the industry to make a successful purchase. Always be aware of the fraudulent sellers in the industry. Knowing the product can save you from a significant monetary loss.

Sand is one of the staple products for the construction industry. It is hard to realize, but there are high chances of a global sand shortage. It is a precious commodity. Sand is used in all kinds of mixes done in construction. Lack of any logistical issue in its supply can halt any country’s economy.

High Demand

Due to the high demand for urbanization, the construction industry is developing at an alarming rate. The more we demand construction, the more its cost will increase. Sand is the most used commodity in construction and gets affected by the increased demand. The high volume of orders increases the price of sand. It has been growing year on year for a long time.

The Right Stuff

Hunting for reasonable prices should be a sport. People make careers out of hunting for deals and bargains. If you do not understand an industry well, price hunting can lead to a big disaster. Sand comes in different types, and if you don’t have the proper knowledge, you could buy something useless for a lot of money.

Know the Mixes

Knowing what you are looking for when buying sand is essential. Different compositions of sand are used for various projects. You can’t use fine-grain sand for concrete. If you know the proper use of the different types, then only you should go to buy the sand.

The Price is Right

It can be a daunting task to purchase sand if you cannot differentiate between different compositions by feeling or looking at them. If you have the insight, then only you can know its worth. Sand prices in Nairobi rely solely on the knowledge of the buyer. Most traders look for naive customers and quote them ridiculous prices.

Construction materials are easy to mix with bad quality. Con artists can easily fool customers if they are not aware. Sometimes it is better to buy from a bit expensive but credible seller than to go price hunting and buy the cheapest option available.

Scouting Prices

Whenever buying sand, the advice is to research the market extensively. The research will give you a lay of the land. It will also help you shortlist a few names as potential sellers. Once you scout for prices, you can weed out the too-good-to-be-true and exorbitant fees.

The sellers’ social media pages and websites also give an idea of their credibility. Always look at their online presence; if you can contact them, that helps finalize the seller much more straightforwardly.

When comparing prices, also look for what else they offer with the product. Some might quote the price of sand, while others might include the transport to your desired location. The best option is for transportation to be inclusive, as handling logistics can be a much more significant challenge than buying the sand in the first place.


Customer satisfaction and customer support are what build the credibility of the seller. If the seller is a good communicator, it will reflect when you communicate with them.

When buying sand, always keep in mind your need for it. That knowledge and understanding can differentiate between a successful purchase and a devastating loss. Check cost of building stones in Nairobi.

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