High Rise Waistband Elastic Joggers of Slate Blue color

It’s not too chilly out yet, but it won’t be long before the winter is here. If you’re looking for a new pair of joggers to keep warm in, then look no further! HALARA has just released their latest jogger pants- the HALARA High Rise Waistband Elastic Joggers. The elastic waist band will help these fit snugly and comfortably around your waist while still giving you plenty of room to move freely.

Wear these with a long sleeve shirt and your favorite sneakers for a look that will impress. These joggers are made from a thick, stretchy fabric chosen to keep you warm throughout the winter.

The slate blue color of these joggers will look great with any top. These pants are perfect for pairing with your favorite sweater or sweatshirt for chilly weather.

These joggers are the best thing to come out of HALARA website, so make sure you check them out! We hope that you will love the HALARA High Rise Waistband Elastic Joggers for $39.95!

In My Feels Mid Rise Drawstring Side Pocket Joggers

Color: Light Sky Blue

Did you know HALARA just added these In My Feels Mid Rise Drawstring Side Pocket Joggers to their shop? They’re so easy to throw on, and they look great with a casual tee or an oversized jumper. Plus, it has loads of stretch and flexibility for maximum comfort and style. What more could you want?


  • High waisted design
  • Cuffed ankles
  • Drawstring toggles
  • Frayed seams for that relaxed look
  • Pockets to stash your stuff in
  • Comfortable fit, ideal for all-day wear
  • Casual style suitable for pairing with just about anything. Wear it out with friends or keep it casual at home!

Available now at HALARA. Remember to use HALARA coupon before you buy it.

  1. An unidentified HALARA staff member is in the picture posted above in one of their latest creations, In My Feels Mid Rise Drawstring Side Pocket Joggers
  2. Showing a close up of the pockets of their latest creation, In My Feels Mid Rise Drawstring Side Pocket Joggers

Price: $24.95

Information about the product:

Product Type: Casual activewear

Material content of product: Polyester/Spandex blend only. Product has elasticated waistband and cuffs.

Size options available: XS to XL, in Unisex sizing

Age suitability: Adult

Affordable? Yes, at around $24.95

Is the product part of a trend or niche? HALARA is a brand that specializes in making clothes and accessories for the ‘fashion conscious and style driven’, so there is an element of trendiness to their products.

Color matching accessories available? No

Is the product made from a material that requires special care/cleaning? Special care comes with any garment made from spandex/lyre/elastane. Hence the ‘hand wash only’ label on this particular product.

Special “extras” included: None

Why would someone buy this product? It’s casual and comfy enough to wear around the house and fashionable enough to be worn out without looking out of place.

How is the product packaged? The joggers come folded into a plastic packet with a HALARA sticker attached, complete with an authenticity label and barcode.

In what language(s) is the manual/advertisement written? English only

Is the product intended to replace or alleviate a problem? Not intended as a solution, but it can replace whatever else you would be wearing around the house.

Company: What other products does the company/store sell? HALARA has multiple product lines, with its core focus being on activewear for men and women. They also have an extensive line of ‘luxury’ activewear, which is made from organic material.

Where can the product be bought? Online store for HALARA, as their official website.

Company background information: HALARA believes that fashion and style should never take a back step to comfort or convenience – people live in an age where we demand everything, and sometimes, this means taking the time to ensure that fashion and style are still visible, but ensuring they are always comfy, too. They make clothes fashion-conscious and style-driven – people who look good not because of their wallets but their appearance.

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