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5 Preventable Measures Against Termites Spreading In Your Home

Termites are the fastest invading insects you can invite to your home through multiple gateways. Their growth pattern is extremely quick and can affect your home through a number of areas once they have successfully landed in your property.

The chances of having these termites problems are very high if you are living near moisturizing places or have grown a garden or lawn with ivy or other web-forming plants. These conditions are favorable for termites and nourish them to trigger their range.

To deal with pests that can damage your home, a good resource is the Pest Management Company Guide to DIY termite treatment to make sure a termite invasion doesn’t jeopardize your home.

Apart from calling professionals to come over and tackle the situation, just follow below 5 quick preventive measures, if the conditions around your home are really inevitable for termites and don’t suit you!

1.    Reduce timber or any wood contact with the ground

Termite difficulties usually befall when wood parts of any constructive structure are in close connection with the earth. Earth-to-wood connection provides termites’ quick way to feed, moisture and safety, and close, secured entrance into the house.

Wood siding (the essential components of home structure protecting a building from several elements) should be at least 6 inches higher than ground spread. Getting rid of wood-to-earth connections may require regarding or drawing ground or mulch back from home, evading the bottom of wood planks, or helping actions on a solid foundation.

Posts or stairs set in cement are also exposed to termite invasion since they normally continue through the cement to the earth.

Opposite to common opinion, pressure-treated lumber is exposed to termite invasion; termites usually access the wood through clefts and split heads or establish holes over the cover.

2.    Do not allow damp formation near your home

Termites are drawn to misty or damp(y) areas and are more liable to flood if the earth next to the home is always a wet area.

Water should be drained with well-working drains, downspouts, and splash sections. Flowing drains, ducts, and AC units should be adjusted, and the area next to the home should be ranked in its situation (cemented) so that accumulated water flows away from home into gutters formed nearby.

Places with inadequate sewage may require tiles or pipelines built. Garden sprinklers and watering methods should be adapted to reduce water spread around the home.

3.    Never collect fuel or log trash against homes or inside crawls areas

Wooden fuel, logs, cardboard cases, papers, and similar elements draw termites and give them a table of nourishment. Piled against homes, they also provide secured entrance into the house and may permit termites to avoid circling soil blown with a termiticide, and they sharply find their holes into the home.

Plants such as ivy and other thick sowings reaching the home should also be withdrawn. Where feasible, eliminate bottom parts of trees and dead roots throughout and under homes and any form strips dropped in the home after the construction is done.

4.    Try mulch sparingly, particularly if you previously have termites or other favorable situations

Many of us try landscape mulch for its appreciative and plant wellness advantages. Incorrect way, though, can add to termite invasion.

Termites are drawn to mulch principally because of its water-storing features and the surrounding it supports against heat climaxes.

The mulch itself is of lower nutritional status to termites and a non-recommended cause of nourishment. Since the water-storing attributes of mulch are more of a magnet than the timber/lumber itself, it creates slight contrast to what kind of mulch is applied.

Ground rock or pea pebbles are similar to log mulch in the course of fascination since they too preserve water in the underlying earth. Mulch should be used sparingly on whichever ground it’s being applied, and should never be provided to reach wood cladding or boundaries of openings or shutters.

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5.    Think of having the home sprayed by an expert pest controlling team

Homes have many common holes, within which termites can penetrate, and mostly they are covered. While the above steps will assist in getting the house least engaging to termites, the most reliable method to stop an infestation is to defend it with a termiticide.

Preventive handling of a home for termites is a reasonable idea, particularly if the home has had no previous spray record.

If a pest management team had sprayed the home, it is an excellent savage to keep the guarantee by purchasing the yearly renewal charges. If termites re-overspread — which can occur even if the procedure was done perfectly, the firm will pay back and recheck the stagy segment at no extra cost.


Termites invasion can be unexpected in many situations if you haven’t yet prepared your home by employing some preventive measures to sustain anti-termite life with sound furniture and all wooden stuff secured. Many people depend totally on professionals and don’t think about how to put a boundary across house margins to seal even a single hole from where termite invasion could occur.

If you don’t know where to start and what precautions you could take, this article has five convenient methods for you. Catch them right away to stay safe from termites as they are literally sucking on furniture!

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