Hard Window Treatments: Tips For Buying Bedroom Drapes

You have come this far looking for the best hard window treatments for the bedroom, and we want to help you with that choice. One of the determining elements when choosing one type or another of hard window treatments is the decoration of the room and the style that we like the most. Is it a romantic-style bedroom? Rustic or more modern? Please take note of our advice!

Hard Window Treatments for the bedroom 

The first thing to consider is the size of the window and the height and width measurements. In bedrooms with large windows, we recommend hard window treatments such as classic curtains, Japanese panels, or vertical curtains.

As we discussed, what triumphs are the type of room and the decorative style? Are we talking about a children’s room, a teen’s room, or a honeymoon room? In the case of children, we recommend roller blinds as the best hard window treatments because they are more functional, take up less space, and will not be so happy to play with them constantly.

Any curtains model for the bedroom will help us control and regulate the entry of exterior light. This is very important to choose one type or another of fabric. The opaque one will guarantee total darkness, while with a screen fabric; we will achieve the greatest possible light entrance, as it is a micro-perforated fabric.

One of the main functions of bedroom hard window treatments is to give us a proper rest, and for that, the passage of light must be adequate according to the time of day. If there is no exterior blind, the curtains must be a blackout.

Where to buy hard window treatments for bedrooms? 

At CW2T online store, you will find all the chicest hard window treatments at affordable prices. The only thing you will need is to know the measurements, be clear about the model, and within each model, the fabric.

Types of hard window treatments for bedroom

How to choose draperies for the bedroom? There are drapes for bedrooms and living rooms of different types. For example, blackout curtains are the most popular bedroom curtains, the most traditional, and those that you can find, for example, in hotel rooms, which are presented with gathers for rails, eyelets, or belt loops.

  • Blackout curtains 

Blackout curtains and another option is sheer fabric curtains, so thin that they will let in a lot of light and are perfect for the most romantic or vintage styles. Some Nordic style bedroom curtains will be perfect in neutral tones and pastel colors and the always used gray. The classic drapes can be combined with roller blinds, as you see in the photo, both in fabric and in bamboo wood, an ideal option in a rustic decoration.

  • Vertical bedroom curtains

Another perfect option for large windows! The vertical curtains can also be purchased in screen, opaque or translucent fabrics, even alternating colors. The most common slats are found in two sizes: 89 or 127 mm. The screen fabric is the most recommended because it is a very resistant material that does not tear or accumulate dust. It acts as a thermal regulator and retains heat and cold, letting in a lot of light. There are screen fabrics of different compositions with a greater or lesser amount of fiberglass or different degrees of opening, depending on the degree of transparency.

  • Roller shades for bedrooms (or blinds)

Roller blinds are one of the most modern hard window treatments and can even be motorized to provide the maximum possible comfort. The operation can be either with remote control or using a button and it is a plus to raise and lower the blind without having to move from the site.

Printed roller blinds carry a design, a phrase, a drawing, or an image. It is an economical option to give a different touch to a bedroom, both for children and adults. In this case, unless we select an image or a photograph of our own, the most common is that the design is on a white background. The image will be more visible on an opaque fabric.

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