Hawaiian Dream Popular pachislot-style slot

Hawaiian Dream has always been a hot spot in any online casino. This slot is a video slot with a pachislot motif released by Japan Technical Game. Like pachislot, it has a 3×3 layout, and there are only five pay lines, making it a very simple mechanism. And, the number “7” is adopted for the symbol, and it has resembled a pachislot in some places.

Hawaiian Dream Patchislot is a popular series. The Hawaiian Dream ハワイアンドリーム is a beach-designed video slot that reminds you of Hawaii and plays background music in the background. The layout is the same as the patch slot but has many features like resin, sunset bonus, and final rush.

Hawaiian Dream Dividend:

In Hawaiian Dream, you can earn dividends when the same symbols are lined up on the pay line. Since each symbol has a multiplier set, if you have all the symbols, you can get the payout of the set multiplier x bet amount. Hawaiian Dream ハワイアンドリームスロット offers ten low payout symbols and eight high payout symbols, allowing you to win up to 20 times your bet. Hawaiian Dream does not use wild symbols.

Hawaiian Dream Feature:

Here are some of the Hawaiian Dream features. Hawaiian Dream is a simple video slot with a pachislot motif, but it also has many features to keep players from getting bored.


You can enter the respin mode in Hawaii and Dream when the respin symbols are aligned during the base game. In this mode, you can spin the reel once more for free. Since the number of re-spin symbols increases during re-spin, that it is relatively easy to acquire re-spin.

Then, if you have four more respin symbols in a row during this re-spin mode, you will enter the bonus free spin mode. During the respin, the color of the screen changes every time the symbols are aligned, and it changes to blue, green, purple, and red, and when you reach red, you will get a free spin bonus.

Free spins:

You can enter the Free Spins Bonus Round by issuing the Respin symbol four times in a row or by aligning the “7” symbols in Hawaii and Dream.

There is also a respin feature during the free spins bonus, so if you’re lucky, you can continue to enjoy the bonus rounds. Also, in the final spin, the hibiscus (described later) will shine with a high probability, making it easier to win large dividends.

Sunset bonus:

Sunset Bonus is a unique Hawaiian Dream ハワイアンドリームスロット bonus feature that suddenly occurs during the base game. When the hibiscus displayed above the slot glows while playing the game, it is a signal to win the sunset bonus. With this bonus, you can win prizes according to randomly selected symbols.

Hibiscus slash:

Hibiscus Rush activates when the RUSH symbols (Blue 7) are aligned, and there is a 65% chance that the free spins of 8 rotations will loop. You can expect 35 times more balls.

Hibiscus Lush Super:

Hibiscus Rush Super activates when the SUPER RUSH symbol (Red 7) is aligned, and there is an 85% chance that the free spins of 8 rotations will loop. You can expect 87 times more balls. Hibiscus Rush Super has higher villa performance than Hibiscus Slash.

Ultimate Rush:

The biggest earning point for Hawaii and Dream is the stage called Ultimate Rush. You can enter the Ultimate Rush either by getting “Gold 7” during the Super Hibiscus Rush (Red 7 Free Spins) or by getting the Ultimate Bonus with the Sunset Bonus.

During the Ultimate Rush, the reel shape changes to 3 rows vertically, and you can earn 2 to 6 times the bet amount each time the slot stops. Bet a lot of money when you enter the Ultimate Rush, which will lead to a big win.

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