Health and Wellness Advice to Ensure A Long, Healthy Life

We all want to live a long and healthy life. And, while the Fountain of Youth may just be a fairy tale construct, thanks to advances in human knowledge, medicine, and technology, people are living longer lives than our ancestors would have believed possible. However, longevity is not a guarantee, and there is a limit to how far external factors can impact a person’s long-term health. The good news is there are some things you can do yourself to help ensure you live a long and healthy life.

Respect Your Genetic History and Plan For the Future

While there are many changes people can make in their lifestyle that can help them live a long and prosperous life, some things are out of our control. Our genetic makeup plays a significant role in our health, with genetic variations having been linked directly and indirectly to a range of diseases including easily treatable conditions such as high cholesterol and hypertension to more debilitating conditions, such as osteoarthritis and dementia. For people with a family history of any of these diseases, planning for the future is vital. Many institutes have extremely long waiting lists, especially establishments that provide specialized care. For example, providers like Pathway to Living offer supportive living in Olney IL. Explore options near their home and put themselves on a waiting list to ensure they have access to care when they need it.

Understand the Link Between Stress and Your Health

While there is no doubt that eating a healthy diet and drinking enough fluids are key to a longer life, there is something that may be even more important than both of these factors, limiting stress. There are few things as taxing on the human body as high amounts of stress, with science linking psychological stress to physical symptoms ranging from headaches, sleeping trouble, a lack of energy, breathing problems, abdominal pain, and more. In fact, stress has also been shown to speed up the aging process, so limiting stress and finding coping mechanisms to manage existing stress is imperative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Make Time For Your Favorite Hobbies

It is often easy to underestimate how important happiness is to our health, and what better way to bring joy into your life than by making time for your favorite pastime or hobby? Research has shown when people find the time to partake in an activity that allows them to relax and unwind, they are less likely to suffer from depression, stress, and other mood-related disorders that can have a negative effect on their overall health. Whether this is a physical activity like a sport or a less physically-taxing pastime like puzzle-building, the effect will be the same in the long term, and it will be well worth the extra time taken to fit the activity into your busy schedule.

While there may not be one secret to a long and healthy life, with the right outlook, a bit of knowledge, and the willingness to make meaningful changes, anyone can make the necessary changes to work towards a healthier and longer life.

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