Here is why you need a divorce lawyer 

When two people who love each other come together and decide to get married and vow to be together forever is such a joyous moment. Sometimes things can go sour and they have to go their separate ways which involves legal matters and court hearings. This period is difficult and very sensitive for all parties involved, may it be the spouses or children. Some sensitive issues may arise during this period and they include :

Child custody, if they have any:

Spousal support

Paternity suits

Family members can also get in other family law disputes, they should ensure they have a qualified lawyer for representation in legal matters. If you live in Utah, Sandy divorce lawyers are the best lawyers to contact in such situations.

The divorce process 

When the petitioner( the spouse filing for the divorce) files a complaint to the court the respondent is given 21days after submission of divorce papers to answer and they’re required to file their final declaration. If they fail to do so the court is obligated to make legal decisions without the representation of the respondent.

However, if both parties agree to mutually signing the papers they’re given a period of 90-days to resolve matters like child and spousal support, division of debt and child custody. It is recommended to get a lawyer that has good negotiation skills so you don’t lose your children or valuable assets.

Child custody 

Legal matters that involve family, Child custody is the most difficult matter to settle. It is very sensitive and painful. You might have friends who have gone through a divorce and they probably tell you how difficult it is to not see their child everyday or whenever they want to, isn’t it? Divorced  couples may mutually come up with joint agreements to who will have legal custody of the children. In some cases this might not happen, this is the best time to get a lawyer and discuss the following factors that influence child custody:

The primary caregiver

The distance between the parents’ homes

Any history of child abuse or domestic violence

Needs of the child, psychological physical or emotional

Financial aspects

Which parent prioritise The child more and is likely to act in the interest of the child

Are you aware the court makes the final decision on which parent gets the custody of children after assessing them? Here are the types of custody that are arranged legally and are in the best interest of the child or children. The court assigns only one arrangement

Some physical and sole legal custody

Joint physical and joint legal custody

Joint legal and sole physical custody

Joint legal and split physical custody

Spousal support 

Are you familiar with the term alimony? This is a term used for spousal support . Either of the spouses may ask the court for support which may be awarded for a long period or temporarily after a divorced is granted by the court. The following factors may determine The fate of this matter :

The financial status of the two parties

The length of the marriage

The custodian of the minor children

If one of them paid for the education of the other

The ability to provide support

This matter is also sensitive and the court considers Their standards of living before the divorce. The court may consider the length of marriage and award alimony for the same duration.

Other fields include 


Domestic litigation

Domestic violence

Family law proceedings

Family law matters are emotional and complex. They can cause emotional turmoil and distress to people involved in them. One should get an experienced lawyer to handle their cases.

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