Here’s Everything You Need To Learn About Concrete

Whether you are working on a project for your office or home that involves the use of concrete or are just interested in the nature of the material and what it is made of, it can be a very interesting topic for discussions (surprisingly).

It is a durable material that can be used for various purposes, including making driveways and the foundation of houses. 

What Does Concrete Mean? 

By definition, the definition of concrete is ‘together, to grow’. It is a substance that can be easily sculpted and fashioned into any shape you may need. It is sturdy and reliable enough to be able to maintain the buildings’ structural identity as it faces deterioration through the years. 

Since it can be used for a variety of purposes, people everywhere around the world use it as one of the main components while building just about anything that requires a strong foundation to stand the test of time. 

The concrete usually used in the creation of buildings is known as ‘reinforced’ concrete. This means that steel is used to reinforce the concrete for added flexibility and support in addition to strength and stability. Although the overall strength of the concrete depends on its components as well as the intended use, compressing the concrete rather than pulling it generally provides maximum strength. 

The History of Concrete

The idea behind concrete was to create something that can reliably withhold the structural integrity of building structures, so they’ll stand strong for years to come. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it came into use, it is believed that the Romans were the first to use it for its many architectural structures that are still considered iconic. One of the oldest known structures with a concrete foundation happens to be the Roman Pantheon, making most people believe that this was one of the first uses of concrete in history. 

However, many historians also argue that concrete came into being long before that. This is usually in reference to the striations that were built in Syria and northern areas of Jordan way back in 6500 BC. 

What is Concrete Made of? 

Irrespective of when it came into being, it has been a very crucial material used in most modern civilisations. Previously, a mixture of crushed and burned materials was used to create plaster-like materials that would stick things together. However, as time went by, improved material with the use of water, rocks, and sand evolved and the concrete we use today came into being. 

More accurately, it is made up of cement, which is a mixture of clay and limestone that is heated until it reaches desired consistency. However, the precise components used to make concrete material can vary depending on the intended purpose of concrete, the type being made, and even the companies, such as iseekplant, who are creating it. 

When the components are mixed together, they result in a chemical reaction that hardens the workable material into a solid slab to be ultimately used in construction. Aggregate supplier sells a wide variety of aggregate products for all types construction projects that involve concrete or asphalt.

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