How A Client Can Negotiate Payment Fees With A Lawyer.

The best time to negotiate is before signing a power of attorney from stracci law group. Until that moment, the lawyer acts with his natural salesman instinct, trying to seduce the clients. It happens like in love: to win the woman, the man promises everything from a good dinner to a wedding ring (or, with a little more enthusiasm, the rings of Saturn), but after it’s all over, maybe he’s tried to fetch a glass of water from the fridge. So, before signing the contract, negotiate discounts and special conditions, taking advantage of the excess of lawyers in the market. Your negotiating state will get worse once the process starts.

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Look for a second budget. Especially in high-value cases, you can — and should — see a second attorney and see when you’ll charge for the service. It is always a beacon. As with any other service, having a second budget is an essential asset for the negotiation.

Do Not Accept To Pay Everything Before The End Of The Process.

You must not sign a contract that requires you to pay the total amount of fees even if you decide to change attorneys in the name of the lawsuit. It is fair for the lawyer to protect himself and receive a proportionate share of the service provided. Still, it is unreasonable for him to demand payment in full before the process is over.

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Negotiate A Portion Of The Payment Based On The Success Of The Case.

If you are filing, the success fee (literally, payment for the success achieved) will be a percentage of the amount decided by the judge. If you are a defendant, it will consist of the difference between what the other party wants and the amount awarded in the final sentence.

Refer Customers For Discounts.

Although the code of ethics prohibits the lawyer from remunerating those who bring him, clients, in practice, it is possible to try to negotiate a discount because he presents a colleague from the same company with problems like yours, other consumers who have suffered from the same disastrous trip, etc.

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Discount In The Case Of Companies.

“Marrying” more and less profitable services can favor the negotiation of companies when contacting a lawyer. There are labor-intensive and less fortunate actions, as well as accessible and beneficial processes for offices.

Most tax actions fit this terrain: they almost always use ready-made theses, basically requiring filling in some data in a model available on the computer, without the need for hearings or other exhausting acts. The amounts involved are high, given the lion’s voracity, and the firm usually charges a percentage of this amount. In short, it is the kind of because that pleases and can balance the price of the more complicated ones.

Volume Implies Price Reduction.

In the case of companies, the wholesale rule applies to both pencils and lawyers. If you are going to buy a pencil at a stationery store, the price is one. For a dozen, there is a discount. In law firms, the rule is as follows: the more significant the workload, the better your ability to negotiate the price, whether concerning the monthly value or the value of the hour worked.

For example, a company whose plane crashed into several houses killed more than a hundred passengers and will have processes to move an office for years will pay much less per hour of service than another company involved in a minor accident with a single injured person.

Set The Price.

Always try to determine a maximum value for fees in the contract, even in cases charged per hour of service.

Payless For Simple Services.

When the contract is stipulated based on hours of service, try to negotiate a lower value for hours of follow-up in the forum, organization of documents and services done by interns – law students who perform less complex and more time-consuming services and who rarely receive more than four minimum wages per month.

In ad exitum contracts, negotiate a lower percentage if the process ends in an early agreement.

In a labor lawsuit by stracci law group, if the company offers an agreement at the first hearing and the process is closed, there is less work than if the process continues with other hearings, discussions on expert reports, appeal, monitoring of calculations, pledge of assets, etc.

Thus, it is fair to predict lower fees if the case is resolved with less work. On the other hand, if the lawyer claims a higher percentage if there is a need to file an appeal, accept it because it is also fair. But negotiate a reduction in return if there is conciliation before the first sentence.

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