How Air Cooler is a better option over Air Conditioner?

It is always been a debatable topic between air conditioner vs air cooler. In the ongoing debate, we here in this article, give few important pointers explaining in what ways, an air cooler is a better option than an air conditioner and will try to give you a clear idea about opting for an air cooler.

Here are few benefits of air coolers over air conditioners.

Air Quality

An AC circulates air internally within the room repeatedly, whereas air cooler pulls fresh air from open-air, cools it down, and circulates. Air cooler doesn’t over dry the air like an air conditioner, and thereby maintains the required moisture. Due to these reasons, air coolers circulate better quality air over air conditioners. So, the air circulated from an air cooler is suggestible for the people with asthma or dust allergy.

Eco-Friendly way of cooling

Air coolers trump the card here too. It’s a well known fact that ACs are not actually eco-friendly. By cooling the interior, they are actually producing greenhouse gases as they use chemical coolants called Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and hydro-chlorofluorocarbons (HFC). They in turn cause global warming. Air coolers just use the simple technique of cooling pads to cool the air that passes through. So, for those who concern for the earth, air coolers are the go for option.


Air cooler price starts from Rs 3,000 per unit whereas an air conditioner costs Rs 25,000 per unit at the minimum. Air conditioners are not budget friendly for everyone. Affordability if ACs is always a problem. Air coolers fit in even the budget ranges of almost all the middle and lower middle class income groups.

Power Consumption

Air coolers consume up to 10 times less power than ACs. They need less electricity and can also work in low voltage conditions. By using air coolers over air conditioners, your monthly electricity bills will be significantly lower. With air coolers, you can cut down your electricity costs by up to 80%!


Air coolers require low maintenance, literally very low maintenance. You can rarely find someone summoning a mechanic for servicing or troubleshooting an Air cooler as in the case of ACs. You hardly need to use up to 10 buckets of water daily for an air cooler in the mid-summer in a tropical region.

You can clean an air cooler yourself. An AC once, installed or serviced frequently doesn’t require any further maintenance. You don’t even have any manual work like filling water kind of as in case of air cooler. 

Installation & Portability

Air cooler doesn’t require installation process. Get it home, pour water and start using. Simple! Isn’t it? Installing an air conditioner is a cumbersome task, whether it is a window AC or a split AC, both need additional arrangements and installation process. 

An air cooler, can be shifted or moved simply anywhere, anytime. Air coolers come with castor wheels, making it portable more conveniently within the home. Air conditioners, on the other hand require technicians to come and remove, and install it again in the new place. It incurs cost as well. If you Ask Reader, you will know everything. 


Air coolers have their own limitations of being noisy and lesser cooling capacity. However, brands are coming with solution with air coolers with low noise, which operate silently. Desert air coolers are another concept of air coolers, which can provide cooling even at pretty high temperatures.

Like ACs, Air coolers are also upgrading with features, making them more value for money option and at the same time, competing equally with ACs in terms of features.

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