How Ceiling Fans Reduce Energy Costs

Here at Mr. Electric of Katy, we don’t just offer electrical services, repairs, replacements, and installations. We offer our neighbors and friends the opportunity to save on energy bills as well. One underrated method of reducing energy costs is a ceiling fan installation. To be clear, ceilings fans are not replacements for air conditioners. A ceiling fan is a complement to the air conditioning unit. We’ll get to the details later in this article. If you are looking for an electrician in Katy or an electrician in Houston, then call Mr. Electric of Katy to speak with a live representative. We are happy to schedule a flexible appointment or arrange an urgent electrical repair today.

Ceiling Fan Vs. Air Conditioner

Without a doubt, ceiling fans use less energy to run than air conditioners do, but ceiling fans do not cool the air. Rather, a ceiling fan circulates air flow and wicks sweat off of you. This does have a cooling effect. However, it does not make the ceiling fan a replacement for the air conditioner. Instead, a ceiling fan complements the air conditioner.

How Do Ceiling Fans Keep You Cool?

We mentioned briefly that ceiling fans have a cooling effect. We’re going to go into the details here. While ceiling fans do not cool rooms, they do cool people. Here’s how.

Moving air, much like a breeze, assists your body’s natural cooling process by speeding up the evaporation of sweat. When your body heats up, you begin to sweat but this sweat creates an extra layer on you and can be uncomfortable. The ceiling fan helps by wicking the sweat off of you, keeping you cool.

How Do Ceiling Fans Save Energy?

You might be thinking, “How will the ceiling fan save energy if I’m still running the air conditioner to cool my air anyway?” Well, when you have a ceiling fan working in tandem with the air conditioner, you can actually increase the level on the thermostat and enjoy the same temperature. A ceiling fan working together with the air conditioner can make the temperature feel a few degrees cooler. So, if you normally set the thermostat to 75 degrees, then you can set it to about 78 or 80 and turn on the ceiling fan to enjoy the “feel” of 75 degrees.

Ceiling Fans Can WASTE Energy Too!!

Ceiling fans are not all good though. As we mentioned earlier, ceiling fans cool people – they do not cool rooms. So, you should only turn on the ceiling fan if you are in the room. Turning on ceiling fans when you are not in the room will only waste energy. In fact, if the ceiling fan is old, the running motor can even heat up the room.

Need Ceiling Fan Repair, Replacement, or Installation?

If your ceiling fan is damaged or you need a replacement or installation, then call Mr. Electric of Katy to speak with a live representative. We are happy to schedule a convenient appointment or arrange an emergency repair today.

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