How CPAP machine is effective for you?

The CPAP is a kind of air pump. The pump creates a low overpressure, which keeps the airways open at night. The air pump can be compared to an aquarium pump. The pump takes extra air from your room and blows it through a hose, mask into your nose. This way your airways remain open and apneas are prevented. If you think CPAP machine is bulky then O2Vent Optima device is for you. Check this page for more details.

Results CPAP therapy

CPAP therapy is an intensive therapy that takes time to get used. The CPAP therapy is the best treatment for sleep apnea and good results are achieved with this therapy:

  • less or no more apnea
  • less or no snoring
  • calmer sleep
  • less sleepy and / or less tired during the day

You probably will not experience these changes immediately after starting the CPAP. It may take time for you to benefit from CPAP therapy.

Effect of the therapy

The choice of device is limited. The choice often depends on the sleep center, which contracts with one or more suppliers to reduce operating costs. You are limited to that choice.

Your CPAP provider reads your CPAP to understand:

  • the number of remaining apneas
  • pressure setting
  • humidification
  • mask leakage
  • user hours

If there is little or no apnea and you experience fewer complaints, we assume that you also have little or no oxygen deficiency. Through the research it is proven that the CPAP therapy is then effective. You can always continue to use it in order to maintain the desired result.
Instruction on the placement, use and maintenance of parts:

CPAP Machine

Place your CPAP machine on your bedside table and not on the floor because of the risk of dust suction. Do not raise your CPAP higher than yourself when in bed to avoid condensation in your mask.


Fill the humidifier daily with cooled boiled or demineralized water. In the morning, empty and dry your humidifier and put the water tank back into your CPAP. Because constant blowing of air can cause drying mucous membranes or irritation of the respiratory tract, CPAPs are often delivered with a humidifier.


Ideally, the mask should be cleaned daily to ensure a good seal between the mask and the face and to avoid leakage. The hose must be flushed at least once a month, then the filters must also be replaced.


Clean the soft parts of the mask that are in contact with your skin daily. To do this, you can put detergent without lemon on your fingertips and massage the soft parts of the mask, then rinse it under the tap and leave the mask to dry. Clean the hard parts of the mask once a week with dish soap.

Headbands of CPAP

The headbands can be hand washed. Any gray mask inserts should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth.
The correct cleaning of your mask and equipment is important for the therapy to be successful.

A poorly maintained mask will slip off your face. This causes a leak and disturbs your sleep. A poorly maintained humidifier is a source of bacteria and scale deposits prevent your humidifier from working properly.

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