How Do Creta Class Math Puzzles Help to Improve the Creativity of Kids?

Creta Class uses fun animated lessons and quizzes to get kids engaged in those activities. Kids won’t feel bored with maths as everything designed in Creta Class is related to their life. Every parent wants the best development of their kids; they try different activities to improve their motor & cognitive skills. Creta class develops scientific and systematic course content that assists in progressive learning with expanding Math thinking skills, AI animation courses make the kids comfortable with technologies.

Apart from bedtime stories, parents include basic activities for kids such as clapping hands, cleaning teeth, picking up and putting objects down, buttoning up the shirt, picking up the food, and identifying the fruits & vegetables.

These small routine activities positively impact children’s hold, grasp, and grip capabilities added Glennis Perez. She holds a B.A. in elementary education from William Paterson University. In 2007, she

received her M.Ed in educational leadership and instruction at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Glennis is a Mathematics Lead at the Village of Excellence Academy in Tampa, where she oversees the ongoing professional development for math content standards and pedagogy. She teaches fourth grade math and science at the academy. She is currently completing her doctorate in program development and educational innovation.

Facts About puzzles

Few studies show that solving puzzles can contribute to a kid’s brain growth & development. Our brain is divided into two hemispheres: left and right. The left side of the brain tackles skills like problem-solving, understanding different languages and subjects like Math & science, and logical reasoning. However, the right side of the brain handles social, intuition, creative, and visual arts skills. In the case of puzzle-solving games, our brain functions using both sides to understand different topics, including shapes, letters, numbers, and colours. It can improve kids’ strategic thinking capabilities and challenges them to think. 

At Creta Class, your kids will get 15-minute crisp learning, graphics, and animation making the learning process more fun and relatable. We have 16 thinking methods that are designed to expand kids’ visualisation skills with better thinking approaches. Our engaging videos make complex topics easier, and quizzes & games make the sessions interactive. We also provide real-time feedback reports to analyse kids’ progress. 

How Creta Class Math Puzzles Increase Creativity?

Development of Memory and Concentration

Puzzles are one of the best learning materials for kids as they can improve their memory and concentration power with them. It is a good brain exercise as one needs to remember various shapes and think strategically about the fit places. Creta class math puzzles can rebuild the connections between your kid’s brain cells, which may improve mental speed and retention power. 

Develops Thinking Skills

Puzzles like jigsaw and Math puzzles for kids online help the kids to think and explore different solutions through moving and rotating pieces to get exact positions. It also adds benefits by improving their imagination and visualising shapes to get better solutions to puzzle challenges. Creta Class interactive Math problem-solving quizzes expand their thinking capabilities. 

Refine Motor Skills 

These puzzles involve physical and mental exercises for the kids. When they pick each piece and place them in different areas, it improves small kids’ flexibility to hold things, expanding their fingers muscles and establishing connections between brain cells. Creta Class expands the thinking capability with interesting puzzles and quizzes. 


Although solving puzzles can be a brainstorming activity, it still relaxes the kids’ minds. They see it as a fun game rather than a task or activity that needs to be done quickly. It is a good quality to learn from kids as we adults make every game a competitive battle rather than a relaxing activity. We at Creta Class, provide an AI adaptive learning platform that helps children to learn independently and make their parents worry-free.

Shapes the Visualisation 

While building the puzzles, kids explore different colours and shapes that help in developing their visual power. It can build the base of basic concepts and perceptions, such as the ability to remember what they see, establish similarities & differences among pieces of puzzles, observe the shapes and make sense of them, draw patterns, and put them together. 

Our Creta class introduces a program focusing on building kids’ nine abilities including imagination, and creativity, while comprehensively developing the children’s thinking abilities. 

Basics of Mathematics

Mathematics comprises concepts like shapes, numbers, additions & subtractions, and ideas of patterns. Using ordinary puzzles and Math puzzles, parents try to build the conceptual idea among their kids as they may identify objects’ colours and shapes, such as circles, squares, and triangles. At Creta Class, we deliver concepts of logical reasoning, arithmetic, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Enhances Attention Span

An ideal time for children to solve puzzles can take approximately 20 minutes to one hour. So, when kids spend this much time solving puzzles, it will improve their concentration and attention span. Our curriculum provides classes of 15 minutes a day and helps kids aged 3-8 to build a solid foundation for Math. 

Play Independently 

Unlike other games, parents can set their children free to figure out the challenge of puzzles alone. It makes them self-dependent and boosts their confidence as they solve challenging puzzles without the help of their parents. Our easy-to-use Creta Class App includes fun activities that don’t require any adult intervention. Instead, kids may enjoy it and happily solve the puzzle on their own. 

Play With Digital Devices 

In this generation, kids are also following the path of being smart with technology. Also, they quickly learn how to operate a device. Of course, kids below the age of 3 are not recommended to use gadgets as they are too small for using them. Small kids can play with building blocks and simple puzzles. Kids above three or four years of age are more comfortable using electronic devices for online games and puzzles. 

Our key feature ‘Math Talk’ encourages kids to speak confidently and express themselves. This can improve their communication and verbal skills.

Try Out Creta Class!

Creta Class, a leading name in the kid’s online learning platforms, builds a systematic curriculum for kids ages 3-8, along with interactive AI user interfaces, personal mentoring service with daily reports, and instant feedback. Check out our Math puzzles for kids online for your kid’s improvement and development. 

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