How do land drainage pipes work?

Is your garden prone to flooding in the harsh months of winter?

There are several reasons why the ground can become waterlogged, but it’s usually a result of excess rainfall or impermeable soil types, such as clay.

However, land drainage pipes – also known as land drains or perforated drain pipes – can remove the water and direct it elsewhere, preventing standing water and reducing the risk of flooding.

Let’s find out more about land drains, particularly what they do and how they work.

Different types of land drainage pipes

There are two types of land drainage pipes: Twinwall land drains and land drain coils.

Twinwall land drains are made from HDPE (high-density polyethylene), which is strong, lightweight and weatherproof. These drainage pipes have a smooth inner bore that helps to increase flow rates – preventing water from saturating an area.

Land drainage coils, on the other hand, are manufactured from PVC and come in a choice of diameters and lengths. These are typically laid under the ground for attenuation purposes or to alleviate excess surface water, assist drainage in fields and improve soil quality.

How do they work?

Land drainage coils are available in perforated and unperforated lengths, each working in a slightly different way.

Perforated land drainage pipe coils collect water through the small holes (perforations) located around the pipe. These holes allow the water to seep from the ground into the pipe, before being carried away and released into the natural watercourse at a steadier rate.

Unperforated land drains are also used to distribute surface water, only they have no holes and are used to redirect water to a stream, river, water tank or soakaway system.

Where are land drainage pipes installed?

A land drainage pipe is usually installed in an area of significant flooding – whether it be a domestic garden, commercial or industrial area, or farmland.

These drain pipes also work well in locations where the soil has performed poorly in a percolation test. So, if your land is susceptible to waterlogging, it’s well worth asking your local drainage company to carry out one of these tests.

Before land drainage pipes can be installed beneath the ground, you need to check with the local authority that you can deposit the collected water where you planned. Watercourses are sometimes protected and storm drains belong to the local authority. Failure to seek approval, and not adhering to council policy, could result in large fines.

It’s also important to bear in mind that storm drains have a maximum capacity. When directing water to a storm drain, be sure to ask the council what the maximum flow rate is. This will tell you how many litres of water you’re allowed to deposit per second. Exceed this rate, and the risk of flooding is far greater.

Where to buy land drainage pipes

If you need to purchase land drainage pipes – either for domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural land – it pays to choose a reputable supplier with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Not only will they be able to guide and advise you in selecting the most suitable land drain coils for your application, but they can also share installation tips to ensure your system functions successfully.

Cotterill Civils provide perforated and unperforated land drainage coils in an array of lengths and diameters – meaning you should have no problem finding exactly what you’re looking for. What’s more, they guarantee some of the most competitive prices around and are always on hand to assist.

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