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How does duplicate content affect SEO?

You could have a quote, a boilerplate, or product details that you have copied from another brand.

You’ll still rank if there is duplicate content on your website, but it will affect your SERPs and eventually your SEO scores.

Google defines duplicate content SEO as content that is substantially the same or nearly identical within or between different domains. This is not usually deceptive, however.

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It’s easy to see that there are two types of duplicate content SEO.

  • The domain is also internal.
  • On several domains (external)

Why doesn’t Google encourage SEO duplicate content?

Google doesn’t inspire duplicate content SEO. Search engines won’t pick the most relevant one if there are multiple pieces of similar text appearing in the SERP.

Duplicate Content – What’s the Penalty?

Google will not attempt to destroy your ranking, as it is almost impossible to remove duplicate content from websites, blogs, and social media.

Google will use the fact that you have copied and pasted content from other sites as an indicator to ignore your site.

Duplicate Content and SEO

Google won’t rank fake content higher than real, actionable content if it is on your entire website. It’s because search engines consider such content spam when they try to manipulate or trick the search.

Let’s examine how duplicate content SEO can confuse the search engine.

  • It will not know which version it should include or exclude from its indexes.
  • It will not know whether to direct the link metrics to one side or keep them between different versions.
  • It doesn’t know what version to rank for in search results.

What are the SEO issues relating to duplicate content?

Let’s look at some common ways website owners accidentally create duplicate content.

Verify for duplicate content

You can use specific tools to spot duplicate content SEO on a site. Follow these tips to spot duplicate content issues.

Google Search

Google search is a great way to locate duplicate SEO content. To check if the content you have on your website has been copied, simply take a couple of sentences and place them in quotes.

Google Webmasters Alerts

To receive regular alerts regarding duplicate text, you can also use Google Search Console webmaster tools.

Standardize Your Link Structure

Now it’s time to review how inconsistent URLs are the biggest threat to your SEO efforts. You can fix this problem by ensuring consistency in your link structure, and correctly using canonical tags to point to the pages of your website.

Google Console no longer supports the “preferred domain” setting. You can still tell Google which domain version you prefer by using this help, or these other methods.

  • Use rel=”canonical” link tags on HTML pages
  • Use rel=”canonical” HTTP header
  • Use a sitemap
  • Retired URLs can be redirected to 301
  • Use Rel=”Canonical”.

Apply Meta Robots Noindex

To stop certain pages from being indexed, you can use noindex Meta tags. The noindex Meta tag tells search engine bot does not to index a specific resource so it doesn’t ignore duplicate pages’ links. To resolve the issue, however, you must get rid of them.

To Sum Up

Although Google does not have a penalty for duplicate content, this threat still exists and is affecting thousands of websites every day.

Keep fighting the long and hard fight to eliminate duplicate content SEO.

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