How Does Flocking Work in Custom Perfume Bottle Manufacturing?

Perfume bottles play a vital role in the market value of a brand or product. The elements incorporated in their design could lead to the success or failure of the brand entirely. Using ingenious techniques to design custom perfume bottles can allow the brand to supersede its competitors in the market. At the same time, choosing an experienced reliable packaging supplier is equal important to bring your design into reality. Abely, a custom perfume bottle manufacturer, knows the value of customized perfume bottles and the various techniques involved in them. 

Today, one unique technique that we will consider is flocking, which is also called flocking velvet. So, what is flocking, and how does flocking work? More specifically, how does flocking work in custom perfume bottle manufacturing, you may wonder. Considering that, here we will observe in depth the flocking process and the advantages it brings to custom perfume bottle manufacturing.

What is Flocking on Perfume Bottle Manufacturing?

To understand how does flocking work to provide value to perfume bottles, first, we need to know what flocking is. Essentially, flocking is a new and novel trend in the market. It is a kind of high-end custom decoration commonly applied on the surface of glass.  In terms of customized perfume bottles, it refers to a printing technique in which synthetic fibers (0.03~0.5cm) are transferred vertically on the bottle with adhesive to give it a velvet feel. 

The whole process adds texture to the product, giving it a luxurious feel. And at the same time, flocking stands out whether it overlays its entire surface or just a part. 

The Production Process to Understand How Does Flocking Work. 

Flocking can be done by using different techniques and being applied to a variety of materials. These methods may include box flocking, and spray flocking. After considering how does flocking work in other processes, notable customized perfume bottle manufacturer such as Abely uses the electrostatic force generated in applicable machinery. Let us see how the process works for us:  

  • Gluing: Apply Adhesive to the Substrate

In this process, the substrate (in this case, our perfume bottles) is coated with electrostatic flocking adhesive with a viscosity between 15000 and 30000 CP. If the viscosity is excessively high, the villi will not easily penetrate the base material. Conversely, if the viscosity is excessively low, it becomes easy for the villi to penetrate the base material, contingent upon the bonding strength of the villi. 

It is possible that the fluff can enter into the inward layer of the glue, and the wear resistance gets improved. However, the procedure is complicated. That is why the adhesive layer thickness should range from 0.2mm to 0.4mm.

  • Flocking: Synthetic Fibers Are Transferred on the Bottle

In this process, an electrode gets used to provide the synthetic fibers charge. A grounded electrode gets placed underneath the conveyor belt. The charged fibers are attracted to it and thus become aligned according to the electric force field lines. 

As the fibers move toward the adhesive-coated substrate due to the attraction from the grounded electrode, it becomes embedded into it. The result, now perpendicularly adhered fibers, gives a dense finish. 

  • Pre-Drying and Baking: The Adhesive Firmly Combine with the Fibers

Pre-drying aims at evaporating the organic solvent and water in the adhesive at about 80℃. In terms of baking, the purpose is to improve the firmness so that the adhesive can be firmly combined with the fibers and the substrate. The temperature of baking is generally controlled at 150 ± 5 ℃.

  • Cleaning: Remove the Floating Fibers

This process is to remove and recycle the floating fibers without adhesive.

  •  Inspection and Packing

Different suppliers have their different QC standards and packing ways. In Abely, it is necessary to check all the bottles one by one then pack them into carton which is separated into single rooms for each bottles. And before shipment, Abely company will conduct a 2nd  inspection accordingly to international AQL standard.

How Does Flocking Work in Custom Perfume Bottle Manufacturing?

Here and now, you may be thinking about the advantages of perfume bottle flocking. Undoubtedly, perfume bottle flocking brings a whole set of benefits to the table, particularly from a marketing perspective. Let’s take a gander at the benefits that come from custom perfume bottle flocking.

  • Custom color is acceptable; you could choose the color of flocking flexibly.
  • Flocking adds market value to the product by adding to the physical appearance of the perfume bottle. The visual details that provided by flocking cannot get accomplished through any other technique.
  • Flocking also adds in a fibered grip, giving the bottle a distinct feeling of texture upon holding.
  • Flocking helps prevent surfaces from bounces and scratches, making them durable.
  • The technique adds color composition to the glass surface of the bottles.
  • The friction-resistant texture makes the bottle slip-resistant when held.
  • Unlike other similar methods, flocking is both perdurable and permanent on the bottle.

Final Words

Now that you know how does flocking work to add extra value to your custom perfume bottle. The next step, you’d better to consider carefully on selecting a luxury perfume bottle wholesale to provide you with this service. Hereby, I’d like to share you Abely as a priority choice. While working with Abely, you can expect some cutting-edge custom perfume bottle techniques, such as one-stop services, customized projects, efficient production, and quality assurance (QA). Therefore, check out the website or contact Abely here for further details. 

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