How Knowledge-Based Chatbots Help In Revitalizing Small Businesses?

Having a knowledge base on brand websites is quite detrimental to any small business’ success. So, are you sick and tired of trying to find out answers to all your questions in the FAQ section on your website? Do you no longer wish to contact the customer support team for any guidance? 

Well, we may have a solution for you!

If a recent survey is to be believed, “31% of customers want instant help, and 40% want help within five minutes.” Now that number is quite significant, one that cannot be ignored at all.

That’s exactly where the role of a knowledge base chatbot comes into play!

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are those virtual helping hands that don’t just make your life easier as a business owner but also that of your customer. Chatbots have a 360-degree advantage and customers really find this highly useful while navigating through any website’s interface. As automated software, chatbots help provide a comprehensive solution to a manual alternative. Not only that, but chatbots also help in implementing things much more quickly than any human can.

Let’s face it, for a small business – funds are one of the major issues. In such a scenario, hiring a ful-time customer support executive and that too, for two shifts so that you can cover 24 hours timeline, is next to impossible. That’s exactly where these AI-based knowledge chatbots provide comprehensive support.

The Usefulness of Knowledge-Based Chatbots

When it comes to knowledge-based chatbots, they can be highly efficient for any small business. Since knowledge-based chatbots hold an infinite amount of data, they can provide answers to any of the queries instantly. So, how does a chatbot do things so efficiently? Let’s try and understand below:

  • When you target and information, chatbots return them

With chatbots, there is no scope for any guesswork. As chatbots are fed in numerous amounts of data, they help and provide 100% accurate answers, without any scope for error. Since chatbots run information known to be the most relevant, the chances of getting the wrong solution are greatly minimized. When you compare this with a person, you can only understand how knowledge-based chatbots steal the show.

  • An In-depth understanding of Variants

Yes, chatbots are very dynamic in nature. Therefore, they have n in-depth knowledge of understanding variants through a mechanism called Natural Language Processing or NPL. Additionally, chatbots easily understand all lingos, therefore providing correct answers with the utmost accuracy.

To illustrate this point, let’s take an example:

  1. How can I sign up?
  2. How do I sign up?
  3. How is sign-up done?
  4. Where is the sign-up page?
  5. Where can I sign up?

Although these questions are related, they are written in a different manner. Even in this case, chatbots can effectively understand all these lingos without any trouble.

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