How long should an elevator last?

If you live in an old building, chances are your elevator isn’t going to last forever. In fact, on average, it’ll only last about 20-25 years before it needs to be replaced. But even a good elevator can’t run forever – how long should it really last? What is the average lifespan for an elevator?

History of elevators:

Elevators have been around since the 1800’s and have seen many trends and changes over time. The first models were hand cranked, then steam powered, then electric powered in 1915. The first elevator in an office building was installed in 1857 in New York. It only went up two floors, and rode on a polished oak track. The car was also made of wood. Today’s steel-encased cars can travel at speeds of up to 500 feet per minute, stop instantly and hold between 50 and 1,000 passengers. Safety is also a priority – modern hydraulic elevators require a pressure of more than 3,000 pounds per square inch to operate. Because they are so safe and versatile, elevators are the most common type of vertical transportation system in the world today.

Lifespan of different elevators:

It is important to know that elevator longevity is not quite as simple as it sounds. According to the elevator manufacturers in India, The average lifespan will vary according to factors including the type of building and age of the elevator, as well as its actual use.

  1. Industrially made elevators have a maximum service life of about 100 years. (Usually because of corrosion or similar issues).
  2. Older elevators found in low-rise buildings are likely to have a longer lifespan than those found in high-rise apartments and offices.
  3. Elevator contractors require their equipment to last at least 25 years, but many modern elevators last much longer than that – some may be able to last up to 100 years.
  4. Generally, elevators in large cities (using 5th generation equipment) have an average service life of 25 to 35 years. In cities like Dallas, they can reach 50+ years.

So there you have it, the average lifespan for an elevator is likely in the 20-40 range. It all depends on factors such as building type and use. Ultimately, the average lifespan is around 25 years. That’s quite a while, so you may get to use your elevator for many more years to come.

The Average Lifespan Of Elevators:

  • 30 years: 20%
  • 40 years: 30%
  • 50 years: 40%
  • 60 years: 50%
  • 70 years: 60%

According to Best Lift Company The average lifespan for a standard, low-rise elevator is around 25-35 years. On the other hand, high-rise elevators can last a lot longer. For example, the average lifespan for a 20 story high rise is about 75 to 100 years. That’s right – an elevator built back in 1910 could still be running in 2015! Of course, there are exceptions to this. 

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