How music affects our productivity

For many people, listening to music is an integral part of multitasking. Whether they are listening to instrumental pieces or vocal compositions, music goes hand in hand with their studies. Sometimes you think – I’ll put on some music while I make dinner, and sometimes you think it’s a good idea to get in the right frame of mind and write my essay. ┬áSo there is a question: is it really helpful to listen to music while studying?

This is a question that has been asked for many purposes since music became mobile and accessible. Opinions on this question are divided, and some people insist on the point that silence is the only appropriate background while learning. But what is true?

Is it a good idea after all?

Most researchers agree that music changes moods and promotes physiological health, but the scientific study of music’s impact on our productivity is still evolving. For example, scientists have not yet reached a consensus on whether all music genres and types of sounds help us focus on our work. In addition, such studies are quite complicated, because each person is very individual, and the music that gives a new charge of energy, prevents the concentration of others.

For psychologists, the positive effect of music on productivity – is a proven thing: research on this topic has been conducted since the late nineteenth century. Such music became known as functional, background, ambient or environmental music.

Previously, scientific experiments were carried out mainly in factories. The nonproductive sphere remained in the shadows. However, some experts believe that the effect of music on people engaged in mental labor is no less. A properly designed program can brighten up the office worker’s difficult life.

What types of music are preferred?

Among people who use background music during their study sessions, the choice between instrumental and vocal compositions makes a big difference. Many people agree that vocal compositions make it difficult to focus on the words during self-reading, so instrumental tracks are a better choice during study sessions. However, some people don’t mind listening to vocal compositions while studying.

Studies have shown that people who listen to vocal compositions while studying tend to absorb less of the information they read, whereas instrumental music listeners have shown better results. These tests also showed that calm, soothing music is more effective than harsh sounds, such as metal or rock. For this reason, it is better to choose songs with a more relaxed tonality.

The results also indicated a negative correlation between concentration and loud music. Listening to music excessively loud can also lead to loss of hearing, so it is recommended that listeners use a safe volume. Many young people do not pay proper attention to their hearing, so it is also recommended that they have their hearing tests. These tests can detect early forms of hearing loss and tinnitus caused by excessive noise.

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