How Often Should an Office Be Cleaned?

Have you ever wondered how often you should clean your office? This is a contentious issue when it comes to employers since everybody has their own idea of how regularly an office should be cleaned. While some believe that once a week is enough, others prefer to bring in cleaners every evening after working hours.

If you are debating how often offices should be cleaned, perhaps this is a sign that you should change your ways. Here are some tips on how you can decide the best cleaning schedule for your workspace.

Every Office is Different

First of all, it is important to realise that every office is going to be different when it comes to cleaning. As the employer, it will be important for you to select the right schedule for the happiness and productivity of your staff. Here are some elements to consider.

The Size of the Office

One of the most important elements you have to consider when it comes to cleaning is how large the office is. The bigger the office and the more space that is used, the more it is going to have to be cleaned. Even if spaces go unused for long periods of time, there can still be dust and dirt around the place. To know more about commercial cleaning, visit Platinum Cleaning’s website. You can receive a quote on how much it would cost to clean your office, and you can choose how often you want this to be done.

The Nature of Your Business

What type of business happens at your office? Are there messy tasks involved or is it all desk and computer work? Answering this question matters as it can dictate just how often you should get the office cleaned. In addition, you will have to consider whether you have public spaces where visitors will be accessing. Again, this is an element that means you will benefit from regular cleaning services.

The Number of Staff

Let’s not forget that the number of employees at your business matters too. For example, the more staff members you have, the more mess they are likely to create. In addition, you may have more clients coming through the doors every day too. As a general rule, if you have around 20 to 30 staff members, you will need at least two to three cleaning appointments every week. If you have more employees than this, it may be necessary to bring in the cleaner more often.

Your Budget

Let’s not forget that your own budget is going to play a part in how many times a week your office is cleaned. Perhaps you already have a number in mind. But, in order to make this happen, you have to have the available budget it requires. So, something you should do is think about how much you can spend on cleaning beforehand. Then, a commercial cleaning company can help you to work out a schedule that meets this budget and still allows for high standards.

Cleanliness of Staff

Another element you have to consider when it comes to office cleaning is your staff. For example, you might have employees that are very messy, and they need to be told to tidy up all the time. This can take its toll on morale. So, having cleaners can take away this problem. But, you will have to consider the cleanliness of their staff. If you have a messy team, this is going to mean that more cleaning is necessary.

The Average Cleaning Schedules

As we mentioned, every business is going to be different and have a different cleaning schedule. But, most companies choose to bring in the cleaners at least two to three times per week. This is not necessarily a deep clean. But, it is enough to reduce the spread of germs in the office, as well as ensure the place is pristine and presentable.

Again, you are going to be able to decide how often you want your offices cleaned. But, you should take into account viruses and not wanting to spread germs around the place. You also have to consider whether you are going to have clients in the office. In addition, you want to make sure that your team are happy with where they work.

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