How the Hytera TETRA system is applied in Light Rail

The challenge of communication in light rail

Varied radios have been used in the old for the extension line, which rendered it a challenge to maintain the inter-operation between the system and terminals. Not just voice correspondence, but as well as comprehensive applications (eg. personalized light rail AVL application) are required to be implemented in the same framework.

Due to constant activity throughout the day, any alteration of the system can only take place at night. Due to limited set-up time, a fast and smooth replacement solution was needed.

The extension line went through many suburban areas, suffering from a shortage of urban infrastructure. The lack of fiber optic connection made it extremely challenging to connect various locations, which are critical for field testing and early-stage service.

One major challenge is finding an Ethernet-based communications network that would support the RS422/485 hand-held specifications of the MicroLok II* Control System for rail and mass transit track route interlocking hardware. Current communications system links to operators were TDM based

The requirement of communication in light rail

With TETRA System, the latest communication platform aims to fully support Genisys Controller legacy signals for track circuits and TWC 485 computers with RS232 interfaces for additional train controls. Other specifications are as follows.

  • Customized Train borne radio
  • RAU (Radio Access Unit)
  • RCP (Radio Control Panel)
  • DWS (Dispatch Work System)
  • CDRS (Centralized Digital Recording system) and 
  • NMS (Network Manage System)

Hytera TETRA System

TETRA radio System (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is a world standard for optical trunked radio in metro communications. Stable voice and data transmission and a broad range of features to ensure the adaptability required to meet the specific requirements of professional mobile radio clients.

The Hytera TETRA system offers a flexible radio solution that can be compatible with the metro connectivity volume requirements, guaranteeing that the configuration meets your availability and power requirements.

Hytera TETRA System comes in handy when you need mission-critical in metro communications that never let you down.

The advantages of Hytera TETRA System in light rail operation 

(Light Rail in Antalya, Turkey as a case study) 

Convenient Inter-operation

With the flexible configuration in the Hytera TETRA System and minor modification of the terminal setting, staff in Antalya, Turkey using different radios now enjoy abundant service from the Hytera network conveniently.

Open Interface and Rich Third-party Development

DIB-R5 TETRA system provides our partner in Antalya, Turkey with an open application interface. With this interface, a customized light rail AVL device can lock on to the GPS position from the Hytera system, showing the exact position of each metro train to the staff in ICC.

Flexible Link Solution that Saves Time

To deliver the project in time, the connection problem must be resolved. A microwave connection system that uses a beam of radio waves was therefore developed between different base stations in Antalya, Turkey. When the fiber optic link was available, the temporary microwave linkage was replaced overnight, without interrupting normal service for even one second.

Efficient Dispatch and Record

Using the Hytera Dispatch System in Antalya, Turkey, ICC employees can communicate efficiently with train drivers and workers in the depot area. With the Hytera Voice Recording Device, all calls and messages can be recorded for future track and trace.

Hytera, in collaboration with NEC, was assigned as the provider of a communications solution. Hytera is experienced in the implementation of communication networks in the transport sector in particular the light rail metro service.

Hytera supplied its advanced state-of-the-art DIB-R5 TETRA Metro Communication Solution, customized to the exact specifications of the PT MRTJ, including ensuring that the TETRA system was compatible with the other system in the project.

Metro communication programs incorporate a policy of no single point of failure. Hytera TETRA system is based on redundancy at differing stages, including backup systems and applications, databases, switches, and redundant connections between cell towers and core switches.

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