How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

Everyone will need help from a professional locksmith someday, may it be for broken keys, damaged locks, or more. However, unfortunately, not all locksmiths are as trustworthy and helpful as certified locksmiths. Inadequate locksmith services can have many negative consequences and cost you some money. Besides, it puts you in danger since they deal with your building or car locks. Therefore, let’s see how to avoid locksmith scams to make sure that you always hire a safe locksmith.

  • Make sure that they are legitimate

Before hiring a locksmith, make sure that they are a legitimate locksmith, preferentially certified, and with experience. For example, shady locksmiths don’t have a physical address, so you can’t find them after getting scammed. Pay attention to the details to find a good locksmith.

  • Check the clients’ reviews

Check the clients ‘ reviews before hiring them once you find a locksmith or a locksmith company. The clients’ feedback is essential to see if the company is safe, if it has good quality, if they help, if the price is fair, etc. When a company has too many one-star reviews, you should look for another locksmith.

  • Call them and ask questions

Call the company or the locksmith to ask questions about their services, how they work, and more. Do your own research to make sure that you are not being fooled. A good locksmith will be glad to answer your doubts, but scammers usually don’t have the needed knowledge, so they will avoid answering you.

  • Make an estimate

Before hiring, make an estimate. They will help you to know approximately how much you will pay, and you can compare it to the actual cost. If the difference between them is too big, contact the main office.

  • Get everything in writing

This is a tip essential for most things in life. Always get essential things in writing, especially when it is money or service-related. Asks for the locksmith to give you the pricing in writing before they start the service, so you’ll have proof of how much the service actually costs. Many scammers will say that the service is cheap, but they ask for a much bigger value when it is time for you to pay.

  • Avoid unknown companies

Supporting local businesses is very important, but don’t forget to be careful. It is better to avoid unknown companies if you are afraid of falling into a scam. Also, remember to check the locksmith’s vehicle. Most legitimate businesses have marked cars and uniforms.

  • Make sure that everything’s correct

When the locksmith says that the problem is fixed, you should check it by yourself before paying. Only pay the locksmith once you see that everything is, indeed, fixed.

S.O.S Locksmith is a professional and certified Canadian locksmith company that offers many services, including automotive locksmith, emergency locksmith services, lock replacement, car key cutting and duplication service, and many more. Check their website to see more info about them, and make sure to get your estimate.

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