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How to Become a YouTuber in 2021.

If you love sharing videos with friends, YouTube is among the best platforms you can use to do so. However, no one wants to share videos that don’t get views and likes from the millions of users on this platform. Of course, there is a successful way of doing it and this may not be known to everybody. If your dream is to become a successful YouTuber in 2021, you better read through this article to understand the basic concepts. Below is what is expected of you to become a successful YouTuber in life:

1. Know How to Use Video Editing Tools.

To successfully run a YouTube channel, you must upload high-quality videos that are appealing to the viewers and that is related to your niche. This is where video editing comes in. It’s not every time you will have videos that are ready for uploading. Sometimes you need to edit the videos to make them suitable for your channel.

As a YouTuber, it’s paramount to know how to use various video editing tools. Even though you may not be experienced in video editing, need to have basic video editing skills. A YouTuber should know how to trim videos, split a longer video to come up with shorter video clips. It would also help if you know how to merge and compress videos.

Amazingly, there are thousands of video editing tools available on the internet. Some are downloadable while others can only be accessed online. The best of such programs is Filmora for Mac. Users love it for the following reasons:

Easy to Use Interface.

Filmora video editor for Mac has an easy-to-use interface which makes it the best video editor for beginners. It is a great choice for YouTubing enthusiasts who have not yet created a channel to upload videos. You will conveniently trim, copy, or reverse your videos using this video editor.

Plenty of Video Editing Features.

Other than video trimming and conversion, you can also add stunning effects to your videos to make them more appealing to the viewers. Again, you can make nice transitions where you are merging different video clips. Filters are good for enhancing colors on your videos and are plenty on Wondershare Filmstock.

Advanced Editing Tools.

Wondershare’s Filmora offers more than the basic video editing features. It allows you to edit videos created using its templates or an existing video. The advanced editing tool enables you to cut, cut video clips, do color correction, and add voiceover. Moreover, the tool allows you to do motion tracking, keyframing, and green screen addition.

2. Know YouTube SEO Process.

The YouTube SEO process isn’t known to many but it’s crucial if you want to be a successful YouTuber. You need to do thorough video keyword research for your videos to rank higher in search engines like Google and Yahoo. Video titles need to search engine optimized so that you increase traffic to your YouTube Channel and have the visitors watching your videos.

If your videos appear on the first page of a search engine, people will click on them to see your content and probably subscribe if the videos are nice. High-quality and meaningful videos will see subscribers coming to your channel again and again.

  • Ways of Optimizing Videos for YouTube Search.
  • Categorize your videos to a specific niche.
  • Rename the videos using the target keywords.
  • Ensure the keyword naturally appears in the video title.
  • Tagging your YouTube videos with some popular related keywords.
  • Optimizing the video description.
  • Use of an SRT file to add closed captions and subtitles to the video.

3. Shoot More Video Materials Daily.

Shooting videos regularly will make you grow the passion for your career as a YouTuber. As you shoot different videos, you’ll continue to learn from your mistakes and perfect your work. Whenever you realize you made a mistake, try to correct it next time to come up with more professional videos that won’t require a lot of editing. At some point, try to watch your videos and compare them. Trust me, there will be a big difference between the ones you shot on the first day and the ones you shoot when you are experienced even if it’s the same scene.

4. Watch and Learn Other People’s Videos.

To see whether you are moving at the same pace as other YouTubers, you need to spare some time and watch their videos. Of course, it will cost you time but it is a great way of learning your mistakes and understanding the areas you need to make improvements.

For example, you may realize that your videos are less clear when you compare to those of a friend, you need to ask them how they achieve their qualifications. Could be, you are using a camera that cannot capture clear images. Once you realize that, you can buy a more advanced camera to capture more stunning videos.

If you realize that experienced YouTubers have videos that are the same as yours, you should maintain the quality or try to beat them.


Becoming a YouTuber isn’t something strange but there is no guarantee you will succeed unless you apply the above tips. The only way to succeed in getting a high number of subscribers and video viewers for your channel. Even with very nice videos without viewers will not make sense. That is why you must apply SEO strategies to drive traffic to your videos. If you have many followers on Instagram or Facebook, you can share the video links on these platforms and request your followers to subscribe to your channel, view your videos.

Because you may not have SEO skills, you can outsource the services from experts who are experienced in the industry. A reputable expert will charge considerably higher but will deliver results within a short duration. Don’t be shocked if you see some “young” YouTube channels with millions of subscribers and views. You shouldn’t be left behind in the game. Download the Filmora Mac video editor today and start your YouTubing journey.

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