How to Choose a Data Science Bootcamp?

Do you know what the most valuable resource for organizations is at present times? Well, it’s none other than data. Businesses may better analyze and improve their operations, which results in time and money savings. Time and financial waste, like poor project management, can deplete resources and gave a negative influence on a business. Such wastage can be decreased by examining the success of various project management practices and concentrating on those that have the best Return on Investment (ROI) by using data effectively. And you can learn this by diving into the world of data science.

Today, one of the most well-liked growing fields and career opportunities is the domain of data science. Nearly every business is being revolutionized by data science, which is rising in popularity daily. If you are looking for a career switch along with a high-paying job and good career growth, then data is the field for you. In fact, learning data science isn’t that difficult if you are guided properly from the start. Just look for the best data science Bootcamp online, and you will experience world-class training and further gain job-ready skills.

This article helps you understand how to look for the best data science Bootcamps, as many of them are available on the internet, and not all of them are worth your time and investment.

What is a Data Science Bootcamp?

A data science Bootcamp is typically a rigorous and all-encompassing curriculum created to get you ready for a career in this industry. Compared to usual on-campus programs, the online Bootcamps focus more on imparting practical skills that you can use on the job. You will find both short-term and long-term courses related to data science. As a beginner, you can enroll in a free data science introductory course and then decide whether your skills align with the field or not. You can then invest in a paid online Bootcamp. There are Master of Science degree programs as well as Post Graduate programs offered by renowned universities that you can enroll in remotely.

The top skills that a data science Bootcamp will teach you are statistics, mathematics, the data science lifecycle, the various applications of data science in various industries, Python and R programming, and knowledge of SQL, among others. Then, you will go through some intermediate-level topics like data engineering, data acquisition, data cleaning, data processing, data modeling, data analysis, and data visualization. These Bootcamps are often more beneficial for professionals with unrelated educational qualifications but are willing to pursue a data science career.

Ways to Select a Good Data Science Bootcamp

While the internet has brought the world to our fingertips, we are bombarded with too much information and need to filter out relevant data from it. The same holds tru for a data science bootcamp. Today, many training providers claim to offer you the best study materials for teaching data science. However, when you enroll in them, you will come across outdated training materials and do not receive high-quality guidance as promised. To avoid getting trapped in the wrong course, consider the points mentioned below to select the right course.

The syllabus says it all

First off, you need to check out the syllabus of any online data science course. Do not fall for a course where the syllabus isn’t mentioned clearly. Even if the topics are listed, check out the duration for each module; it shouldn’t end in just a few seconds to a minute. Further, ensure that all the important topics like data analysis, data visualization, data engineering, statistics, Python programming, machine learning, linear regression, and so on. Knowledge of popular data science tools is an added advantage.

Instructor information

A reliable training provider will always display the instructor’s information on their website. You can check out their LinkedIn profile to understand how much experience they hold in data science and what their achievements are. If a course is offered in partnership with a popular university, then there are high chances that you will get instruction from the top faculty of that institute. This will further give you a rich learning experience.

Online reviews 

Today, customers have their voice, and nothing seems more genuine than the reviews offered by people who have tried the data science course themselves. A reliable training provider would mention some testimonials on their website along with the reviewer’s LinkedIn profile link. You can also head over to platforms like SwitchUp, Trustpilot, Career Karna, and Course Report, that host a community where people give their ratings and share their feedback for any kind of online course. Quora is also a good platform to check whether a course is reliable or not.

Goes beyond theoretical classes 

Learning has gone far beyond just theoretical classes. Reputed training providers understand the various learning needs of students and thus try to impart practical knowledge through elements like real-world industry projects, case studies, virtual labs, interactive quizzes, chapter-end assignments, and more. When you are specifically learning data science, working on industry projects would give you a clear idea of how data scientists work in a corporate job and handle their responsibilities effectively.

All the above steps will help you select the right data science course, and you can invest in them without any regret.

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