How to Choose the Right Converter

Getting a converter is never a daunting experience since millions of converters are ready and willing to take the job. Although the competition is healthy for manufacturers, it may get a bit challenging to sort through your options and select the right partner for your business. Partnering with the wrong converter could significantly surge your overall costs and delay the project timelines. Therefore, since this is not a decision to take lightly, you must conduct due diligence to ensure a productive and timely custom manufacturing process. Below are some guidelines on how to choose the right converter:

1. Technology Behind the Capabilities

Many converting companies offer similar services such as shearing, die-cutting, laser cutting, slitting, rewinding, laminating, etc. However, although the services are the same, the technology applied to execute projects differ from one converter to the other. So, before you choose a converter, you need to evaluate the following; What kind of equipment are they using? Are they outdated or modern? Do they have the right machinery to provide extensive converting options, or are options limited? Does their customer experience compatible with how you operate your business? Technology investments can reward massive dividends to manufacturers. Therefore, it is imperative to enquire about capabilities and then immerse deeper to try and identify the difference between potential converting partners.

2. Experience and Professionalism

Apart from the technology used by a converter, you need to find out how they use that machinery. That means examining the prospective partner process and level of know-how. The value of an experienced converter surpasses production costs. Working with an experienced partner saves you from experiencing project delays and unnecessary costs by predicting challenges and formulating solutions before the occurrence of issues.

Before subscribing to a potential converter, check whether they can offer end-to-end services, assisting with every step from the conception stage to molding all the way through commercial production. Also, ensure the processes used by the converter are in line with all industry standards for quality.

3. Access to a Wide Range of Premium Materials

You may work with a converter that uses top-notch technology and has vast experience, but that won’t make a difference if the quality of the underlying materials is compromised. That’s why you have to partner with a converter who can easily access a wide range of premium materials. For instance, work with companies with access to multiple 3M preferred converter to gain unique access to industry-leading 3M products. By doing so, you gain versatility in product design and avoid delays in the production process.

4. Additional Capabilities

One principal purpose of a converting partner is to offer services that you don’t currently have in-house. Although you may be requiring one assistance, it is essential to partner with a converter who can provide additional capabilities. For instance, if you want a tape or adhesive converter, it is necessary to work with someone conversant with other services such as tape printing, clean room manufacturing, packaging, among others. Removing transfers between contract manufacturers surges efficiency and expedites the process while simplifying the project management. Therefore, while coming into an agreement with potential partners, be free to enquire about additional services.

5. Quality Control Certifications

Working with new partners can usher in troubles, especially when it comes to quality. To evaluate the quality of the services, examine the samples and case studies of the past projects. For further due diligence, look for quality control certifications. For instance, if you are seeking to manufacture medical stick-to-stick gadgets, you will want to look for a converting partner validated by ISO 13485. This means they stringently comply with industry standards and follow all the set requirements.

6. Compare Similar Companies

In search of a new converter, you will find that no two converting companies are exactly alike. But you are not comparing companies in different service delivery either. Therefore, you can easily compare converters and identify the perfect converter to work with by comprehending what to look for.

Partner with the Best Converter

Whether you are making a medical device, communication device, or anything else, you will want to create materials to produce an exceptional design. Therefore, it is vital to work with a valuable partner to get top-notch results.

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