How to Clean Up Your Computer When It Is Slow

Have you ever turned on your computer and it takes forever to load up? Is the mouse frozen for minutes at a time? Do you have to wait an hour or more before it boots up? If so, then your computer is likely getting full of junk files. We’ll walk through some steps that will help clean your computer and make it run much faster!

Check your start up programs.

Go to the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and check what is loading when you turn on your computer. If there are any unnecessary applications, disable them or delete them completely if they don’t serve a purpose. Some common examples include Skype or Spotify – even though these can be useful apps, many people only use them for playing music in the background while doing other tasks (so disabling this app will not affect their everyday experience).

Use disk clean up

Perform regular system maintenance by using CCleaner regularly! This great program helps clean up all of that junk data that collect over time from browsing websites, installing new apps/games, etc., so make sure to run it at least once per month. It’s a free program and can be downloaded from their website.

Delete any old files

Remove those old files you don’t need anymore! Go through your folders and locate any old documents, pictures, or videos that you no longer need. Get rid of them by deleting them, moving them to the trash or recycling bin, or even burning them to a CD/DVD.

Use an external hard drive

Increase hard drive store large files instead of your computer’s internal storage. If your computer is running out of space, this will help clear up some room on the disk for needed programs and files. You can buy an external hard drive relatively cheaply from most electronics stores these days – just make sure it has enough space for all of the data!

Delete malware

If your computer is already running slow, you might have a malware infection. To prevent this from happening in the future, always make sure to update your anti-virus software regularly and don’t click on suspicious links or downloads!

Increase your computer memory

If your computer is running slow, you might need to increase the RAM memory. If it’s not possible or too expensive for most people to upgrade their system with additional hard drives and storage space (which would be my recommended steps), then they can purchase more internal memory at a reasonable price – this will help speed up how quickly programs load!

Uninstall programs and apps that you no longer use

If you’re running out of space on your computer, one way to increase the available storage is by uninstalling programs/apps that you don’t use anymore. This will not only free up some memory but also save battery life!

Reinstall the system

It’s time to reinstall the system if all else fails and your computer is still sluggish. This means you’ll need to back up all of your important files that are currently on the hard drive (use an external hard disk or save them onto a CD/DVD), reformat the disk for free space, then install Windows again with all of its updates.

These are just some ways that you can easily clean up your computer when it running slowly – if all else fails, consider buying a new one as huawei 1212 promotion is in progress and it offers many choices for laptops with a good deal. In any case, we hope these tips will help you a lot on how to speed up your sluggish computer and keep it running smoothly!



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