How to Delete a Google Voice Number Completely?

If you are really serious about keeping your number private, deleting it is an option. It should be noted that this does not keep Google Voice Account from retaining the data on their servers. If they have already collected information under your phone number, then no matter what happens to the account associated with it, they will still have all of that info readily available to them.

Continuing along these lines if someone else has access to any communications or computing device linked up with that same number then there could be some potentially embarrassing situations popping up here and there as well!

So once again the advice goes out… think carefully before giving away a hard-won piece of personal information like a cell phone number which can lead back directly to you! And don’t forget to think about the various types of services that you use and what information they might be keeping on file for who knows how long.

Removing a phone number from your account is easy, but it won’t delete any history or data associated with that number.

Do you want to delete your Google Voice number?

If so, here are the steps.

  • You need to sign into your new or old Gmail account.
  • After opening up the page, click on “My Account”.
  • Then select “Google Voice” in the menu that comes up and then under this section find “Phone Numbers”.
  • The last step is clicking on “Delete”, which will remove all of your current phone numbers attached with Google Voice Account.

Once these steps are completed, just go back to setting up a new number by following procedures given above if you want.

How do I deactivate Google Voice?

  • Login to your Gmail account.
  • Click on “My Account” in the right hand corner of you screen.
  • Next, scroll down and click on Google Voice.

From here select Phone Numbers from under the Google Voice section. Under this page find your current phone numbers which are connected with Google voice and then hit Deactivate beside each number.

After following these steps you will have successfully deactivated your Google Voice account and phone numbers so that they can no longer be accessible!  Now go back to setting up a new number by following procedures given above if you want.

How do I delete Google Voice number from my Iphone?

To delete a Google Voice number from your iPhone, you will first need to disable it as a forwarding phone. If the Google voice app is still on your iPhone after disabling, please follow these steps:

– Open “Settings” and tap “Phone”. Under this menu you should see the Google Voice section. Here slide what’s written under the Google Voice heading to “Off”.

– Now, open your phone’s contacts and find any contact that has a phone number attached to it that you want to delete. After finding the contact, click on it and select “edit”.

– On this screen you should see an area that has the contact’s phone number listed. Click on this area and delete the Google Voice number that is attached to it by clicking “Delete Contact”.

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