How To Download Mega888

Mega888 is among the mobile-only online casino platforms that have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to the great experience they bring to their users. Being a mobile-only platform, accessing the games on this platform will require you to download and install their mobile application on your smartphone or tablet.

The fact that official app stores heavily restrict mobile apps made by online casinos, it is not possible to find the Mega888 application in Apple’s app store or Google Play Store. Fortunately, in this guide, you will learn a straightforward method that you can use to download and install the official Mega888 application on your iOS or Android device.

Let’s get started!

Download Original Mega888 APK

If you Google Mega888 apk, you will get a couple of results, all claiming to be having this app. However, we have noted several unauthentic websites that claim to have this app, yet they just want to get traffic and page views for their site. One of the trusted in website of this online mobile casino is Mega888 Malaysia, if you are interested in getting the official version.

So, instead of searching for this app on Google search, simply visit that link to get the official apk by Mega888. It is a dedicated website for this application, so you will not find Ads or be led to multiple pages when you try to download it.

What Do You Need in Order to Download Mega888?

You must first validate if your device is supported or not before downloading this programme. These devices operate on iOS and mobile operating systems with Android support this application. If you are using Blackberry OS or Windows Mobile OS, this app will not work on your phone.

It should also be noted that this application is available for all Android tablets since they use the same apk files as Android smartphones. However, the Mega888 application is not available for iPads since their apps are different from those on the iPhone. If you are using a Windows or macOS computer, you can run this application only if you install an Android app emulator on your device.

Running this app in an Android app emulator may not give you the same experience as that on a mobile device, but it a reliable walkaround if you want to use the app on your desktop computer. Since the application is small in size (70MB), you can install it as long you have some free space on your device.

Steps for downloading and installing the application.


Step #1: Visit Mega888 Malaysia

As we have earlier shared Mega888 Malaysiais the only reliable website that has the official Mega888 iOS and Android applications. When you visit this website, you will find three download options; choose the Android download option if you are using an Android device.

Step #2: Save the app to your device.

When you click the Android download option, you will get a prompt for saving this apk to your device. Click “OK” to download the app. The apk file you have downloaded can be accessed using your file manager app; so, make sure you download one if your phone doesn’t have it by default.

Step #3: Install the app

Now that the apk file is on your device open it to install the application. Before installing the application, you will have to first accept the installation of apps outside the official Google Play Store; this option is under your security settings.

Step #4: Open the app and register.

Now that the app is already installed on your device go to your home screen or app library and open it. Before accessing the many applications on this platform, you will be asked to register.

iOS devices

Step #1: Choose the iOS download option.

While on the Mega888 Malaysiawebsite, choose any of the two iOS options based on the iPhone model you are using. For those with iPhone 5s and older, choose the 32-bit option. For iPhone 6 and newer devices, select the 64-bit option. Mega888 made these apps different because they wanted to ensure they are well optimized for all iOS devices.

Step #2: Download and install the app.

After choosing the right format of the app, you will be led to the application’s download page. When you click his download link, the progression will be started immediately on your device. Before you launch the app, wait till the installation is done.

Step #3: Trust Epson China company limited.

You’ll get the “Untrusted Enterprise Developer” prompt when you try to access the app. Click “Cancel” to continue. Then head to your settings > General>Device Management and then choose Epson (China) Co. Ltd.  To verify that the game is running on your device, click “Trust.”

All you have to do is that!

Register a Mega888 Account Now

Now that the application is already on your phone, let’s share with you the steps for creating a Mega888 account so that you get access to all the games on this platform.

While in the application, click the register or create account option and fill in the required personal information. The personal information required includes your desired username and password, email address, phone number, and referral ID (if you have one). Please ensure that you supply the right information, especially withdrawing your payments, to prevent discomforts.

After filling in the information, click register to complete the registration process. Now that your account is registered deposit money to your wallet to get started playing games. After making your first deposit, Mega888 will give you up to 150% bonus credit that you can use to place bets on your favourite games.

Download Mega888 Here


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