How to find good affiliate program?

You should always pay attention to new trends in the field of online earnings. Today these are cryptocurrencies, they are actively invested in, someone trades altcoins, invests in the mining of coins, and so on. But you can start without investment, because 99% of services have how to use wealthy affiliate programs.

The best affiliate programs of cryptocurrency exchanges can generate colossal income. If you attract experienced traders to them, a passive source of income is created. They will conduct transactions, and the administration will consistently pay part of the commission.

Earnings on affiliate programs of cryptocurrency exchanges

The scheme is not very different from working with affiliate programs of online stores. You need:

  •  to register;
  •  get a code or link;
  •  attract customers to the exchange.

Only payments will go not for sales, but as a percentage of the commission.

Experienced traders carry out numerous transactions, the commission comes from them solid. The conditions on the exchanges differ, but most often it is the payment of a part of the commission on operations. In some cases, the partner’s income can reach 50%, but it is necessary to take into account that the conditions are sometimes limited in time.

More and more people are deciding to buy cryptocurrency or start trading altcoins. You will have to try hard to recruit a large team. An article on how to quickly recruit referrals is useful for beginners. In many affiliate networks, newcomers are paid a small percentage, but it rises if the referral turnover is high.

Cryptocurrency exchanges with profitable affiliate networks

According to unofficial data, more than 500 cryptocurrency exchanges have already been created in the world. The choice is huge, but not all projects are stable and proven. Therefore, they are often offered an increased percentage of deductions. Do not be fooled, you may not be paid anything at all. To get guaranteed money, work with cryptocurrency affiliate programs of the best exchanges:

  1. Exmo. It is easiest to invite people to this exchange because it is translated into many languages, has a simple interface, offers a whole set of tools and supports fiat money. But there is a cashback of 60% of the paid commissions from transactions.

Affiliate program conditions: partners receive a commission of 25%

  1. Livecoin. The project was created by Russian developers, but the site has been translated into several languages, therefore it is gaining popularity all over the world. Fiat money and a huge variety of cryptocurrencies are supported.

Affiliate program terms: there are 3 schemes to choose from. You can receive 50% of the commission in the first month of referral registration. Receive 20% for six months or 10% indefinitely.

  1. BitMex. It is convenient to use the exchange from any device, but here you will not find a wide variety for exchange. There are few trading pairs, but they offer to make money on options and futures. Margin trading with x100 leverage is available.

Affiliate program conditions: paid from 10% to 20%, depending on the referral turnover. To receive the maximum percentage, it must exceed 10,000 XBT.


Earn cryptocurrency without investment on trusted exchanges. Income is not limited, and if you recruit a team of active traders, you will not have to do anything else at all. They will conduct transactions, and your account will receive stable payments.

Use not only affiliate programs of cryptocurrency exchanges, there are many other interesting projects in this niche that also make a profit. Just one interested user can register for you on several projects at once.

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