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How to Find Inspiration When You Need It Most

For many starting entrepreneurs and freelancers who work from home, keeping themselves motivated and fresh can be a true challenge. However, it is quite a common thing of the creative process, and there are some ways to wake you from your listless state. If you have got in a creative dead zone, keep reading to know several things that can help you find inspiration for new ideas.

How to find inspiration when you need it most

1. Try something new

A great idea is to push yourself out of your specialty. For instance, if you are looking for inspiration to create a sculpture or write a song, join a beginners’ class in icon painting. If you are a prose writer, take part in a cooking workshop. If you are a painter, write a poem. Getting your creativity flowing may help you open your mind to gain sheer inspiration.

2. Team up with others

Being among other people with the same interests may help spark new ideas and stimulate creativity. You can ask people’s opinions about your new art project or talk about some general topics, such as new technologies or global warming. Try to find community clubs in your area. You may start searching even in the parks.

3. Wake up early

Waking up 30 minutes earlier than regularly can make a difference to your day. It may be difficult at first, but this way, you can have a moment for yourself before running errands. Try doing a short workout, practice yoga, read your favorite journal, meditate, or simply sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Take your time to get your head ready for a new day.

4. Listen to classical music

Classical music is complex and, therefore, good for inspiration. It may help you relax, feel better, and absorb more amount of information. People in a better emotional state are in a better frame of mind for learning and more receptive to new ideas. If you are not into classical style, feel free to pick something different according to your liking. For example, turn on a song with lyrics that energizes you or instrumental music from a soundtrack.

5. Take a break

It may be sometimes difficult to take a true break when you are your own boss. People go on working, even when they think they are having a break. We answer phone calls related to work when we have lunch or talk with our colleagues in group chats on our day off. Be sure to close your laptop during your break. Do a quick workout class, take a real lunch break, or walk outside. This will help you have a clearer head for your current projects.

6. Read

Reading can provide you with fresh ideas and thoughts, so take your time to read whatever you like, from classic novels to cooking recipes. Go to your local bookshop and browse the shelves to get inspired by the colorful covers. Remember that an idea may come into your head even when you are simply looking at a billboard.

7. Indulge a new hobby

Always wanted to dance the samba? Why not start today? Do not hesitate to try something you have never done before. Trying new things can inspire you whether you are good at it or not. Starting a hobby stimulates parts of the brain that you have never accessed before. This can form inspiration and let your creative juices flow.

Do not sit and accept that things are what they are. To get inspired, you just need to start!

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