How to get Health Insurance for Foreigners Visiting the USA?

Hey there, are you planning to visit the USA anytime soon? 

Millions of people travel to the USA annually andsoon you are going to be one of them. Well, before you even board the flight there’s something we would like to discuss. No, it’s not related to the trip, instead of the health insurance while you are on a trip.

Confused? We mean, have you opted for health insurance for foreigners in USA? If not do it now!

Because you never know what unplanned medical emergency can come up in the new country. Traveling to another country has many risks involved like getting ill or meeting an accident. And we all know how expensive healthcare is in the USA. This is why, to protect your pocket, getting health insurance is a must before you visit the USA.

Now, the question is how to get health insurance for foreigners visiting the USA?

The best option is to look for a health insurance company providing visitors insurance or travel insurance for people traveling to foreign countries. There will be many of them but select the one with the best reviews, plans, and also look at the pricing.

When buying travel insurance for a USA trip, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. But before that,

Which are the different types of health insurance for foreigners in the USA?

There are two types of health insurance plans for visitors planning to travel to the USA – Fixed and Comprehensive.

Fixed or Limited Benefit Plans:

The fixed or limited benefit plans are the ones with lower premiums and are inexpensive. The medical coverages are also limited and basic. These plans include coverage for illness, accidents, hospitlation and more.  The maximum coverage limits are around $150,000 or $200,000. It can be a good choice for you if you are going to stay there for a shorter period and you are fairly confident of not needing medical coverage.

Comprehensive Plans:

The comprehensive plans are expensive but offer a wider coverage. These plans can cover illness, accident, maternity emergency for he first few weeks of pregnancy, ER, Covid-19, and even acute onset of pre-existing conditions. The maximum plan limit for comprehensive ones can go as high as $8million. It is suitable and beneficial if you are planning to stay for a longer period. With comprehensive plans once you meet the deductible and coinsurance, the plan pay pay the rest up to the chosen policy maximum for akk the eligible expenses.

No matter, which one you choose keep the following things in mind:

Medical Coverage:

Before you finalize the health insurance, have a close look at the medical coverage theplans offers.  Normally, the medical coverage includes the cost of doctor and hospital visits, fees, urgent care, emergency room (ER), prescription drugs, and much more.

Few plans offer coverage on the acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions as well as Covid-19.

Deductible Options:

It is necessary to check the deductible option, to see if the plan is really worth it. The  deductible amount is the first amount  you pay before your insurance plan starts to pay. Deductible options vary from plan to plan and will affect not benefits you get from the policy but the premium of the plan.

The deductible options for fixed or limited plans can vary from $0 to $200 while for comprehensive plan can vary from $0 to $5000 or more.  depending on the plan limit and the age. Look thoroughly! An employee benefits consulting firm can help find the right plan for your business.

Customer Support:

Another aspect to take into consideration is customer support. If you are traveling to a new country then you will need constant customer support to help out in case of a problem. Look for a company that provides 24/7 assistance and is always on standby to help you out.

PPO Network:

When you buy health insurance as a foreigner visiting the USA, look to see if the insurance plan provider has registered with the PPO network or not. Why? The PPO network will help you in locating doctors and hospitals in case of emergency. As you won’t have any idea about the clinics, or hospitals in the new country. The PPO network providers can billthe insurance company directly and you get negoatiated rates.

Claim Process:

Last but not the last thing on the list is the claim process. The claim filing process should be easy and cashless. If it isn’t cashless billing then there’s no point in having an insurance plan with you in a foreign country. The cashless billing saves you from paying at that time.

The PPO network providers can  provide cashless billing. Theu bill the insurance company directly making the claim filing process is easy and quick. With seamless and smooth claim filing you will be able to get the medical coverage on time.

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