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How to Get Landscaping Customers: A 4-Step Guide

Have you just opened up a landscaping business and looking for ways to land customers?

Congratulations because you’re well on your way to a successful future.

And yet, your early days can make or break the deal. You might even question why you chose landscaping as a business.

Don’t worry. We’re not here to question your capabilities. But simply put, getting landscaping leads goes way beyond having the skills, experience, and workforce to attract people. And since your customers are local homeowners who think they can look after their lawns themselves, it’s a tough competition.

How to make sure you can grab your audience’s attention by the hook?

Well, you’ve just ‘landed’ in the perfect place to find all answers.

Your Guide to Landing Customers Instantly

Focus on Google My Business

Take a moment to enter your Zipcode on Google with the term ‘landscaping services.’ You’ll find your top competitors ranking at the top with information like:

  • Business hours
  • Special offers
  • Informative/promotional videos

Wondering how they did that?

It’s simple.

They optimized their GMB, aka Google My Business listings, and got rewarded by higher search engine rankings.

So, if you haven’t been using GMB yet, you’re leaving a fair share for your competitors. As a result, they’ll get the job done when people call them.

Be Clear About Who You Are

Your online presence is more than just choosing a business name and setting up a website.

First, you need to be clear about how customers can contact you. That’s because your business is bound for a downward spiral if people search for you but find just your business name online.

In comparison, adding all the necessary details like your past experiences and portfolio along with content written to engage and inform humans can help.

Go for Paid Ad Marketing

Focusing on your online presence and targeting a wide customer base is good. But as it happens, it’s still not good enough until your customers know who you are.

Paid marketing can help you achieve that goal faster. With Google Ads, you won’t have to wait to get ranked on Google or for the organic efforts to work out. Instead, people searching for landscaping businesses will be able to find your company when they search for one nearby.

Collaborate with Small Businesses

You might ask, “Why should I target other businesses when I’ve just started?”

We get it.

However, some decisions are meant to be taken for the greater good.

When you work with other small businesses, it benefits in multiple ways, such as:

  • Creating a referral system to increase profits
  • Attracting new customers through a strong, like-minded business network
  • Providing a forum in return for business ideas and customer referrals

You can develop partnerships with individually owned hardware stores, plumbers, landscapers, and other businesses looking for home service leads.

Pro-tip: Never copy your competitors. It feels the best approach initially since they achieved everything you’re aiming for, but remember, you have a unique business identity to maintain. Therefore, you can aim for the sky while looking at the moon. 😉

It requires patience, effort, and time, but you will get there eventually before reaping the rewards.

So, What Next?

No matter your approach, it’s all down to how well you present and market your business in front of your customers.

There is an easy way to generate guaranteed leads with automated lead-generating tools that online platforms like YourLeadPartners offer.

So, along with starting with these steps, you can give these lead-generating tools a try and see your landscaping operations soaring to new heights.

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