How to get more youtube views for cheap or for free

Those who are focusing on youtube marketing or youtube success then your first aim must be getting more views.


Yes, it’s absolutely right because most youtubers are focusing to get more views as if they get more views they will get more viral and earn more money. So, it’s very important to get views but this is not easy to get. As you see, many people who upload videos on youtube for the first time or at their starting phase may not get the number of views in one hour or in one day. They need to work a lot to get the number of views on their videos.

This is not easy work. It needs a lot of focusing and strong research on how your videos get as many views as you want. You have to be a good content creator so that those who will see your videos find it interesting and valuable.

To get more views on youtube videos many people buy the views from different sites which are available on google. But that will be more costly and it could also be bad for your video growth on youtube, if the seller – like in many cases – is not safe.

Usually, organic reach is more effective than buying views so don’t try to buy views; it will eat all your money.

In this article, you’ll learn how to gain more views on YouTube for free or for cheap, but you’ll also learn about some of the more sophisticated strategies that the experts utilise in order to do so.

Ways to get more youtube views for cheap or free

Billions of users are watching videos on youtube hours and hours every single day. So you need to stand out from the crowd and need to do these things to get more views:

  • Keep your YouTube fundamentals up to date- Checkout the fundamentals of youtube and make sure that you have followed all the right fundamentals properly like consistent visual identity of your channel logo, channel arts, title etc. Your channel should have a good and informative description in the About Section of your channel.
  • Focus your efforts on a specific topic of your niche- Instead of focusing on success focus on your specific topic which will get you a quality video that will be beneficial to your targeted audience. If you want to optimize your youtube marketing strategy your goals must be clear. While marketing on youtube you are connecting to your audience which must build trust in your brand so it’s really important to focus on a specific topic in your niche.
  • Do some research to get your videos on top ranking- To get ranking for your videos need to do a proper research about the keywords because keywords play an important role in ranking your videos. As YouTube is a social media platform it is also the second largest search engine after google. So, to get ranking on Youtube Search Engine work on keywords research and proper SEO techniques too.

The greatest method to get more viewers to your videos is to rank well in the search engines—not only subscribers and those who are already interested in your channel.

  • Use Metadata from the most popular videos on Youtube- In the Youtube Marketing plan you must include this strategy to use. First checkout who are your competitors then find which videos are popular and find out what metadata they had used in the videos. This strategy gives you an idea what metadata you should add in your videos too. It’s not recommended to copy as it is but you will get an idea about the metadata that needs to be added according to your niche.

YouTube aims to keep users on the site for as long as possible. This means that the algorithm’s goal is to feed viewers one video after another.

  • Custom thumbnails might help you get more views on your videos- When the users searching for a specific video according to their searching keywords your video thumbnail might help to get more views. As thumbnails play a significant role in helping your potential viewers find new content while they are in the discovery phase. By attracting your custom thumbnail you really need to work on graphic designs. Maybe not all are really good in graphic design so it becomes somehow difficult to get good custom thumbnails.

But now it’s not difficult anymore to create a good thumbnail because CANVA is the platform where you can really design a good thumbnail by drag n drop. Canva is a really good platform for beginners and it is totally free.

  • Create playlists to increase the number of people who see your content- In youtube features there is one popular feature which is very helpful to get more views and that is creating a playlist. Creating a playlist of your videos helps to get more views on your videos one after another. This feature plays an important role in youtube search engine results.
  • Build a good relationship with the Viewers- While focusing on more youtube video views you must engage your audience and try to build a good relationship also. When we engage the audience by replying to their comments, the audience trusts us more and watches more videos. They also subscribe to your channel and it helps a lot to get more ranking for your videos on youtube search results.
  • Buy the views- We have seen all free strategies, where the only real cost is your time, so let’s also talk about money. Well, as we mentioned buying is worth it only if you are using safe sellers. And especially if you are looking for cheap prices, it will be even more difficult to find the provider which is both cheap and safe. Luckily for you, I did already my research and – after some bad experience which I will mention In another article – I finally found this website to buy youtube views for cheap and safely.

These are the best ways to get more views for cheap or for free. If you are trying to get more views for your videos these are the very important methods to follow. As many youtubers follow this and try to get more viewers who want to grow their channel organically. Growing your channel in an organic way is always best and don’t try to get views by buying from any sites.

Hope this helps to grow your channel. Try these methods and see what results you get. Experiment is the best way to optimize your videos.

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