How to know if one should employ a professional with the Scrum certification with Kanban or the Lean Portfolio Management

In our ever-changing work environment, customer expectations change as quickly. This change of pace propels enterprises to invest heavily in agile and digital transformations that benefit individual teams across the organization. Thus they start hiring a professional with Lean portfolio management training or one of the Scrum certifications to seek alignment of their businesses. But not every organization can achieve these results as they fail to realize the full value of such transformations while keeping technology and business teams to stay aligned. Leaders thus need visibility to figure out what works and optimize their investments.

Details of Scrum

The Scrum certification with Kanban helps the professional to understand a framework that allows the teams to work collaboratively. It helps the teams to learn through their experiences and organize suitably. Scrum implementation at the organization is a precursor to the teams to continuously improve. It is mainly an agile project management framework that describes the roles, tools, meetings, and more to structure and manage the team and their work. Scrum is mostly used by software development teams where the lessons learned can be applied to all sorts of teamwork.

Details of Lean Portfolio Management

A professional with Lean portfolio management training can help the leadership team to connect with the strategy of the organization and its execution. This may be used in many ways from handling the business portfolio, product portfolio, project portfolio, IT portfolio, and more. It can help diversify the business to handle funding and plan their separate development teams at different timeline locations. It may collect data from customer-facing products to build plans and to set large initiatives to execute these plans. It can also yield changes to the internal system to improve IT infrastructure or to fund team-of-teams.

Is Kanban better than Scrum?

While most organizations prefer hiring a professional with a Scrum certification with Kanban, most eventually adopt the Kanban method to visualize their work. Kanban and Scrum are iterative systems that rely on the flow of processes to reduce waste. However, Kanban has no predefined role for its teams while Scrum is strict where deliverables and other processes are defined by predefined sprints. Changes during the sprint are highly discouraged in Scrum while Kanban allows continuous improvements even mid-stream. Thus using Kanban is better for projects that have varying priorities while Scrum requires stable priorities.


Both these methods work for different teams and it is difficult to know which is better. A professional with Lean portfolio management training might be a better hiring decision for processes that are subject to change all the time. While a Scrum-certified professional might be better for processes that are more stable and do not change as frequently. However, it is rather difficult to clearly define one of them to be better than the other as they are both applied to different situations and scenarios that need different skill sets of individuals to function optimally.

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