How to make a cocktail in just easy steps in online

In the pandemic situation, a lot has changed. Now people cant go to the bar, or there is some restriction while you want to visit a bar. In a nutshell, the bar experience hasn’t been the same as before. But that doesn’t stop people from enjoying bar feelings at home. But if you have no experience making any cocktail at home, you might want to go to youtube and find some videos that can explain how to make the cocktail. But none of them too effective. So people are more into Virtual cocktail making class, and they are very effective. Now, if you have no idea how the virtual cocktail-making class can help you in this, then some things may clear your mind.


The online cocktail-making class covers a lot of a variety of cocktails. Normally, some people may like one cocktail, and some may don’t like one. But the tutorials on youtube only covers the popular ones. But in the online virtual class, you can learn about some of the best cocktails making out there. Like:

  • Bramble
  • French Martini
  • Passion Fruit Daiquiri
  • Pina Colada
  • Espresso Martini

Not just that, they also cover other types of cocktails recipes, and you can learn from the professional how to make the cocktail by yourself.

Value for money

Most of the online classes cost more and can’t provide the best service out there. Most of the online classes are run by non-professional, and they can’t provide the best service possible. Now online virtual classes in spinandshake.co.uk some of the most effective and innovative ideas that can make sure that you get the best service in your price range. So let’s look have the packages.

Silver Package

The silver pack is the value for money option, and still, you get the best options in the silver package, and you get the best service in the silver package like

  • Private online class
  • Professional Mixologist with 1-hour class
  • Provides your shopping list for three drinks
  • Cocktail competition
  • Zoom or Microsoft team set up
  • 20% discount in next session

Gold package

  • Private online session
  • Professional Mixologist with 1-hour class
  • A large variety of sweets
  • Provide you a recipe card
  • Also, all the features of the silver package

Diamond package

  • Private online class
  • Professional Mixologist with 1-hour class
  • Provide you a cocktail box that can make you four amazing cocktail
  • Variety of sweet
  • Also, provide you all the advantages that gold and silver packages provide

In the price range, the online class session provides the best online service out there, and you will feel fully satisfied when joining or attending any of the classes.

Why online classes are effective?

Most of the online tutorials are made in one way. That means they provide the video and let you do all the job. But in real life, you can’t just make a cocktail from a video. That’s why joining an online class is more effective, and they make you feel that you can make the cocktail. Now some other things make the online session more effective. Like:

  • Expert people help you in the classes
  • Solve you any problem right away when you are attending the class
  • Verified bartender from popular bars
  • 24/7 online bartender service
  • Best package from best value
  • The happiest customer
  • Fun and easy way of making any cocktail

So now you have all the things that will make you believe that joining online classes can help you in real life. If you are interested, sign up for a package and start making a cocktail in this pandemic situation.

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