How to Make New Year’s Eve Stress-Free for Your Pets

New Year’s Eve celebrations are upon us. It’s time to celebrate the year that was and welcome the next. You deserve it for working hard all year. And as we prepare for all the partying, let’s not forget that our Pet Express have been good boys and girls, too, so let’s make sure they are safe from stress and anxiety.

Celebrations are all nice and fun. But remember that a night of partying for us can mean panic for our dogs and cats. All the noise (parties, fireworks displays, etc.) will cause most of them to tremble in fear. 

If you’re not aware of this, think about how they would run for shelter when there’s a thunderstorm. Some may run aimlessly in panic and end up getting injured; in which case, some wound management know-how would come in handy. In addition, fireworks contain chemicals that are hazardous to their health. 

Here are a few things you can do to ease the stress of your pets during New Year’s Eve:

  • If you’re hosting the party, keep your pets in a quiet room—away from the merrymaking. Bring them their favourite toys and beddings to keep them busy and comfortable. But don’t forget to check on them every so often, so they don’t feel alone and left out.
  • Party guests may leave the door open or do silly things that can potentially harm your pets. In any case, Turtle Caring best to ensure beforehand that their microchips and identification tags are up to date.
  • Keep any form of alcohol away. Our pets don’t metabolise alcohol the way we do, so even small amounts can endanger their health. Grapes are also toxic to them so your favourite wine can be fatal if ingested.
  • Feed them before the party starts, so they won’t be looking around for food or barking incessantly, which can add to the stress.
  • It’s best to stay with them at home. Your beloved pets need you most when they’re anxious. 
  • If you have to leave the house, don’t bring them. Keep them unchained (again, in a quiet room) so they won’t accidentally injure or even hang themselves if they move in panic. However, if they aren’t in an enclosed area, consider putting them on a leash.
  • Close all windows and shut the blinds to minimise the noise and prevent toxic chemicals from entering your house, especially if you live near the celebrations. You might want to play some classical music to help keep them relaxed.
  • Make sure they have a safe hiding place when things get too intense, perhaps under the bed or inside your closet—away from breakable objects and other potentially dangerous household items. Be mindful of things such as houseplants that are poisonous if ingested; check the product label or ask a vet before bringing plants into your home. Pet Express Dogs and cats can also get sick from using houseplants as litter boxes. Know which ones might be harmful to your pet and keep them out of their reach”

How’s your New Year’s Eve preparations going? If your dogs or cats aren’t ready, then you aren’t completely ready. Take note of these tips to ensure worry-free celebrations for you and your furry friends! If you have any questions about wound management, don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy new year!

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