How to organize a party in your garden? Tips

Whether it’s a garden party, a birthday, a baptism, an evening with friends, or even a wedding, there are a thousand occasions to party in your garden. You can view their shop here.

Because it is a place full of memories and you feel good there because an outdoor party is certainly an incredible atmosphere or for a question of budget, your garden is a fabulous place to organize your teltudlejning reception.

A party in your garden: Identify the different spaces to create

No need to have a 10-hectare park to organize a reception in your garden and comfortably receive your guests. But imagine: you are going to spend a whole day in one place, your garden. You can also find amazing and creative options for the modern custom sunrooms.

So think about the different spaces you want to create:

  • A space for the meal,
  • An entertainment area with games, a photo booth,
  • A dance floor,
  • A space for an aperitif or a cocktail.

If it is your wedding that you are organizing in your garden, also plan

  • A space for a secular ceremony,
  • A space for your caterer if necessary.

And if some of your friends stay sleeping in the garden, think about the space for tent canvases! To organize a memorable celebration for your family and friends, you can hire a tent rental service. They’ll collaborate with you to devise a strategy that will make your guests feel special and appreciated. Make an ideal guest list and if necessary readjust it so that all your guests are comfortable at your party!

For a party in your garden with no unpleasant surprises, consider a plan B

Who says party outside, also says the possibility of rain or very hot heat. Can we take the risk that your party will be ruined if the weather is playing tricks on you? So anticipate!

If you do not have a veranda, covered spaces plan a tent or a Barnum. To help you determine the size of your tent, here are some figures:

  • For a seated meal, count 1m2 per person seated
  • For a cocktail, a standing buffet, or a secular ceremony, count 0.5 to 0.75m2 per person
  • For The dance space count is 0.5 m2 per dancer. (Around 60% of your guests)

You can also provide parasols in case of hot weather.

Sit-down meal or buffet: What equipment should you plan for a garden party?

Whether it’s an aperitif with colleagues and friends, a family meal or a big ceremony, the garden is a magnificent space to organize a party. You want to keep a country spirit, so why not opt ​​for a picnic or a brunch for a honeymoon, for example set up low spaces all over the place with cushions and blankets. If you don’t dare put all your guests on the ground, set up large tables with benches where everyone can sit as they please.

An outdoor party is the opportunity to plan a buffet for a garden party spirit and to install themed bars all over your garden (drink bar, candy bar, savory delicacies bar …). If you prefer the classic buffet, allow about 10 cm of table per guest. Prefer udlejning af telt for buffets scattered around to avoid the guard hall effect around a single place! And of course, no party outside without a cold drink! Place large bowls filled with ice cubes to keep your bottles cool. You may need to purchase additional equipment in advance such as fridges, ovens, etc. Depending on your needs, consider renting the furniture and crockery you need! If you prefer to delegate the meal part, a caterer (traditional or food truck) will be able to advise you. You may also need extras for the service.

Special attention to the comfort of your guests during a party at home does whatever you can to put your guests at ease for a successful party! Depending on the number of guests, access to the toilet in your home may be sufficient, but renting a toilet beyond 50 is definitely a good idea.

If you are organizing a garden party or an aperitif dinner in your garden, don’t forget that your guests will also want to sit down… don’t forget to have a few armchairs, sofas, and small spaces with tables and chairs. Finally, children, even if they have significant resources, will tire more quickly. Plan a dormitory in a corner of your house or in a tent (camping is funny) and why not offer your guests blankets, sunglasses, umbrellas, flip-flops to enjoy the party. These few tips will make your garden the ideal setting for a successful reception!

A beautiful reception in his garden with a nice decoration

You don’t decorate an exterior like you decorate a room for leje af festtelt. Take advantage of the garden as a backdrop: trees can be supports for photo frames, illuminate your garden when night falls with garlands, lanterns, candles … For any type of outdoor party, nothing beats garlands!

  • But your decor will be different depending on your party, so let your imagination run wild.
  • Be careful, however, of the small decorations that fly in the wind!
  • Do not neglect security for a peaceful reception outside

Start by identifying the risks:

  • A swimming pool: be careful if you give access during the party, think about the safety instructions before!
  • Night trips: mark the entrances with lanterns, torches
  • The barbecue or the brazier: appoint a person in charge who will ensure that children do not approach.
  • It’s also children’s day, so having a babysitter can be a good thing!
  • A party in your garden: watch your neighborhood
  • Two solutions are available to you, either you!
  • If you don’t want your party to be ruined, you must tell your neighbors or better still invite them!
  • Provide access and parking to simplify the arrival of your guests
  • If you have used service providers, caterers, rental companies, think about their access.
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