How to Secure an Air Compressor Relevant to Your Needs

An air compressor machine is a device that converts power by the use of fuels or an electric motor into pressurized air as potential energy. The compressor pushes air into the storage tank until the pressure reaches its maximum upper limit; the compressed air is stored in the storage tank until ready to be used. This device is applied in both small-scale businesses as well as large-scale industries.

If you browse air compressors on the internet, you will be thrilled to get numerous machines branded as what or something close to what you require. It will be overwhelming to choose the suitable one for your needs.

Also, if you ask around from friends about the device, you will get insufficient or no knowledge at all. The next thing you think ofis hiring an expert to do the job for you. However, this article eradicates the hassle by showing you how to navigate the market when going for an air compressors for sale in kenya.


Talking about the type of machine seems vague, so let me narrow it down to how it gets powered. What is the source of power? Gas or electricity? There are merit and demerits that come with each type of air compressor; for example, gas air compressors are cheaper and less unsophisticated; however, they may be a nuisance when air pollution is a matter of great concern.

Electric-powered compressors are more efficient and less bulky but expensive. Therefore, you must work around the above aspects before deciding which one to secure.

Cubic feet per minute CFM

CFM is simply the rate of flow of air volume. When an air compressorcatches your attention, remember to determine how much air can be generated in a minute. Why is this paramount? Each machine will work with a specific CFM,dependingonhow long you want to use itor its purpose.

Since the calculations are established from the speed and pressure of the pump, a long-term user must consider buying a machine with higher CFM ratings. Forsmall scale, a relatively lower CFM air compressor machine will serve you just right.


Skimming the internet for the air compressor price in Kenya results in abounding device sizes. Hence, it is crucial to consider the size when acquiring a compressor machine, especially by establishing the type of work the machine will perform. Typically, air compressors are in three grades – consumer, professional and industrial.

Consumer grade is a good match if you use the machine to perform minute personal obligations or when operating an itsy-bitsy business. Professional grade compressors are larger and used to perform mid-grade projects. In contrast, industrial grades are suited for sweeping macro businesses with numerous activities that demand the service of air compressors.

Air pressure and horsepower

Air pressure is the mass of air that can be pumped in a square inch distance, measured in pounds per square inch, abbreviated as PSI. Predominantly, air compressors operate at 90 PSI, andHobby-air compressors mainly haveshut-offs of about 130 PSI. The greater the PSI, the lower the pressure, and vice versa.

Horsepower shows how powerful the machine is. Therefore, when window shopping, ask the seller how much power you need to start a certain air compressor. The higher the value, the higher the machine’s horsepower, which shows you how extensive and effective the machine is.


Having gone through this guide and acquired basic and overallguidelines regarding selecting the befitting air compressor machine, making the best decisions will be a cakewalk.

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