How to select the best venue for baby showers?

There’s a baby on the way, and you want to welcome a new life into the world. Right? Congratulations first! Now while the soon-to-be-mother starts enjoying the thought of having a baby boy or a girl, it’s time for you to gear up for a baby shower. It seems you have landed up looking for perfect venues for baby showers. If so, no need to look further! Luckily you are at the right place.

A child’s birth is an exciting event in every woman’s life, so should be the baby sleepĀ sacks. But remember, there are many things to keep in mind to ensure the celebration goes well. Preparing a guest list, deciding a fantastic theme and decor, making arrangements for entertainment are undoubtedly all critical things to do. But the biggest challenge you will encounter first is choosing a baby shower venue.

Traditionally, these functions were organised at the mother’s house to ensure utmost comfort and convenience. These days there’s a new trend of organising this special event at some perfect spot. Reason- space is a big constraint at homes. Over that, it becomes tiresome for the organiser and can disturb the guest of honour too. So if you want to make it special for mom-to-be but don’t know where to get started, read on!

Find out what soon-to-be-mom wants.

You might have some fantastic ideas about how the celebration should go, but don’t forget to ask the mom-to-be before making any decision.

  • If it should be an all-female guest list or includes male friends too.
  • If it should be a casual get-together with friends or something traditional.

The answers will give you a clear idea about what’s next and how you need to organise things.

Find a suitable location.

Hopefully, now you have a headcount, so look for a venue that accommodates that number. However, your selection should not be based exclusively on the size of the place. There are some more things you need to consider. Make sure the one you choose is easily accessible to the mom-to-be because it is tough for the eight-month pregnant woman to travel around. Plus, it should be conveniently accessible for all guests. You can select the radius on a map and search for venues accordingly. Also, make sure your chosen location has excellent connectivity and offers ample parking space.

Amenities and facilities

Now it is time to look for specific features in your shortlisted venues. Here are a few suggestions:

  • It should be accommodating beyond the room and provide you with the ambience you had envisioned.
  • There should be a private room for the mom-to-be to take some rest.
  • There should be a unique picturesque setting that holds some meaning. A natural ambience will make a greater appeal for celebrations like baby showers.
  • The venue of the baby showers should be all-inclusive (the caterer, DJ, cake designer, photographer, and makeup artist.)
  • It should have an in-house designer, decorator and event coordinator with whom you will be in touch.
  • The venue should be customisable as per your demand.
  • It should have ample parking facilities.

Keep your budget in mind.

Well, this is obvious! You need to research carefully and pick the most suitable venue that caters to your specific needs and fits into your budget. For this, go through the terms and conditions of the venues carefully. It is always a good idea to fix a budget before you step out to plan a celebration.

The event can be made memorable for the glowing mother, excited family and multiple friends. This depends on an amazing venue.

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